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Volume 10, No. 17, Week of December 17, 2001

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Volume 10, No. 16, Week of December 10, 2001
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The Painting jeanne and Pat Won't Be Able to Forget from This Semester

Pat and I were sitting in the office, Thursday at 7 p.m., waiting for Darby and Marlene. No one came, guys. And so we played with the office computer, uploaded the screen saver from the Out of the Mist exhibit, and found files we hadn't known were up there under "My Pictures?" They were tiny thumbnails, one of which we both liked. So I enlarged it. It was the World Trade Center painting above. Were we surprised when we saw it was one of mine from this semester, one I had to finish in any color I could find when my software program crashed! Maybe I'll find the time to paint it in oils now. jeanne


Reports of Learning: Journal
What jeanne knows you've done.

Still sorting out submissions, Tuesday, December 18, 2001.
I've been working on the copy with names. Will post as soon as I can finish. jeanne

December 15, 2001:Oh, well, the best laid plans of mice and men! You swamped me at the last moment with submissions. And then, on Friday, December 14, the Hollywood Hills went dark! No electricity! No computer! No access to the Internet! Oy!

Twelve hours later, the electricity was fixed. So now, I'll catch up slowly this weekend. Sorry for the delay. jeanne

On Wednesday afternoon, December 12, 2001, I finally dared to count students, once I had all of you up on my version of the reports of learning: there were 278 of you! And that included 181 people, some of whom took more than one course!

On Thursday, December 13, I resigned myself to redoing the reports of learning, so I didn't turn in grades. Will do that on Monday, December 17. I considered fussing about it, but I thought better of that. I've known all along how difficult it is for non-violence to co-exist in a context with structural violence. I just haven't known what to do about it. That means I notice that you stay up all night and struggle to meet other course requirements, and that sometimes lets our work together slide.

But I don't want you to stay up all night another night for my course. What to do? Well, this semester you figured it out. You waited till your exams were over, and then you swamped me with what you'd put off till the structurally violent work was done. OK, no fussing. I'll just go on linking your material to Dear Habermas after grades are turned in. Please follow the reports of learning to make sure your submissions are up, and that you respond to my comments. I'd appreciate that.

November Writing Project Award OSCARS for Academic Achievement Dear Habermas Award

Oscars for Achievement in the Academy

The OSCARS emerged as an integral part of our Reports of Learning. Sorry, there's no way I could have known. At any rate, now I'm off to make a final adjustment in grades. If I've made a mistake, just e-mail, and we'll right it. Thank you for your patience. Finally, this semester, doing non-structurally violent things seems to have worked out well right in the midst of a structurally violent corporate university environment. What a nice gift for us all. love and peace, jeanne. December 16, 2001.

Moot Court, Spring 2002:

California State University, Dominguez Hills
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Soka University Japan, Transcend Art and Peace
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      • Anthropology and Psychoanalysis Seems to provide some conceptual linking for ethnographic fieldwork, the "other" and the crisis of the subject, and the psychoanalytic approach.

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    • Freud

      • War as Submission of the Subject to the Object of Authority. A closer look at genocide, suicede bombing and the death wish. By Richard Koenigsberg, Ph.D.

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    Rest of current issue will be posted soon. jeanne