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Volume 12, No. 4, Week of February 18, 2002

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Volume 12, No. 4, Week of February 18, 2002
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jeanne's version of the Enron collapse.

Enron, is it a crime to cause so much harm?


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  • Fall 2002 Journal call. Humanistic theory. Deadline: February 28, 2002.

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    <i>The NOW Is Cracking</i>, by jeanne Healing
    The NOW is cracking.

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    Teaching EssaysTeaching Essays

    New Topics Index Just started. jeanne February 1, 2002.

    • Social Theory Concepts:

      • capitalism

        • The Betrayal of Capitalism By Felix G. Rohatyn . New York Review of Books. On Enron and financial conrols essential to a healthy maret society. backup Link added February 14, 2002.

      • peace education

      • peacemaking

        • Peacebuilding Volume 3 Issue 3 Winter 2002. Publication of the Peace Education Commissiion (PEC) for the International Peace Research Association (IPRA), Asociacion Internacional De Investigacion Para La Paz, Association Internationale De Recherche Consacree A La Paix. Link added February 16, 2002, in response to Ian Harris' post on the PEC List.

      • voices and forums

          Peacemaking: Consensus Nowhere by Nadia Ahmad, Founder and Director of Students for International Peace and Social Justice. Link added February 17, 2002.

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    signifiers across cultures: other languages In Other Languages


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    Conflicts Around the World:

  • Present Danger

  • Long-Term Effects

    • Iranians Rally Against United States By The Associated Press. in the New York Times. February 11, 2002. Filed at 2:19 p.m. ET. The rally was "to mark the 23rd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution", the chants of "Death to America" in response to Bush's "labeling of Iran as part of an ``axis of evil.'' backup Link added February 11, 2002.

  • History

    • Up soon.

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    You Gotta Read This

    • Red Ink and Ken By Patt Morrison. Los Angeles Times. February 10, 2002. backup Link added February 14, 2002.

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