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Volume 12, No. 5, Week of February 25, 2002

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Laughing Mannequins
Laughing Mannequins
By Manuel Alvarez Bravo
Photographer, Mexico, Active in the 1930's
Recent exhibition at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Postmodernism in the 30's. Go to Masters of Photography to see Alvarez Bravo's work. Manuel Alvarez Bravo saw and captured in his photographs the crazy juxtaposition of the prosperity and joy of capitalist consumerism juxtaposed against the poverty and despair of Mexico City in the 30's. He captured this in this photo of hangers of smiling young women, typical of the happy consumerist markets of the U.S., juxtaposed against this outdoor stall in the markets of Mexico City. The perspective of one world meets the perspective of the other. Alvarez Bravo captured the voice of the Other in his photographs. The Other, our neighbor, Mexico.

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Soka University Japan, Transcend Art and Peace
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    <i>The NOW Is Cracking</i>, by jeanne Healing
    The NOW is cracking.

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      • Explode Spiritual Bomb of Compassion By Dr. Daisaku Ikeda. The Times of India Link posted to TAP list by Tina Ebey of Stanford. Link added February 26, 2002.
      • Fighting for Press Freedom in a Dangerous World By Joyce Wadler. New York Times. February 27, 2002. backup. Article based on organization that tries to help families and colleagues when journalist are hurt or killed. I felt terrible about Daniel Pearl of the Wall Street Journal. This article helped me feel like there is something we can do. And that's a good feeling. Link added February 27, 2002.
      • CPR on Yourself Instructions in what to do if you suffer a heart attack when alone. I didn't have time to check this out with the American Heart Association, but it sounds reasonable and purports to be from a hospital, all of which can be easily checked. Link added February 27, 2002.

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      Sombrero Galaxy by Marcel VanDalfsen.

    • M104 - The Sombrero Galaxy A doctoral student at McMasters University in Canada took these pictures of the spiral galaxy he is studying for his dissertation. Link added February 25, 2002.

    • How To Have Warm Buns at a Cold Eyepiece Link added February 25, 2002.

      SprintEnron visual comment from Mac at UWP.

      Link on image to read larger version. From Mac at UWP. Link added February 26, 2002.

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    • What is a galaxy? An interactive lesson to share with young people. Link added February 25, 2002.

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    • On February 25, 2002, Brian Donovan, of Teachers Without Borders, wrote: "That was a very nice message and I love your site. When I've got more time, I'll look at the Kids' Page. I'm very, very curious."

      "Gulp! Now I'll have to get the Kids' Page caught up!" jeanne

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