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Volume 12, No. 9, Week of March 25, 2002

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Volume 12, No. 8, Week of March 18, 2002
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My Church My Church New York Times Photo by Richard Perry

Digital Image by jeanne . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Photo by Richard Perry

This painting was inspired by Richard Perry's New York Times Photograph, in The Week in Review of the New York Times on Sunday, March 24, 2002. The photo accompanied Adam Liptak's commentary on sex abuse in the Catholic Church. Story by jeanne. Link added March 25, 2002.


Spring Break This Week!

  • No class on Wednesday, March 27, 2002. Happy Holidays!

Time Out, Starting Friday, March 29, 2002
No new material for a few days. It's time for me to delve inside the computer and fix the system that puts up Dear Habermas. Equipment changes, software changes. Oy! what a mess! There may be a few hours in here somewhere where everything is down, and I'm offline. I hope there's enough up to keep you happy in the interim! Just the way I always wanted to spend Spring Break!
lnp, jeanne
Wednesday, March 27, 2002

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    <i>The NOW Is Cracking</i>, by jeanne Healing
    The NOW is cracking.

    • Healing Thoughts:

      • When It Comes to Exercise, Little Things Mean a Lot By Carol Krucoff, Special to the Times. Los Angeles Times. Health Section. At p. S 1. March 25, 2002. Backup Link added March 25, 2002.

      • The Writings of Dorothy Day

      • "Ammon Hennacy: 'Non-Church' Christian" By Dorothy Day. The Catholic Worker, February 1970, 2,8. The story of one of the Catholic Workers, who maybe Backup. Link added February 26, 2002.
        "Poor Kenneth, he did so want to assure Ammon that the Church, indeed, did desire peace, but I am afraid that neither Ammon nor I could forget how the scrap iron and metal was heaped in the church yards during the Second World War and blessed by the Priests, and war stamps sold to the children, and bombers named after the Blessed Mother, and so on. It was still all too much like rival armies in Mexico carry banners with different representations of the Blessed Virgin of different localities to bless their wars.

        "Ammon knew much labor history but very little about Church history. He could get no encouragement from the fact that in ages past there had been far greater scandals of wealth and warfare than even today. Or were there? One priest said of Ammon's anticlericalism that, perhaps, he saw the sins of the Church as a human institution far more clearly than we did."
        Scroll a little more than halfway down the file for this piece.

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    • Beyond Test Scores: Taking the big-picture view of student success. By Kevin Bushweller in the American School Board Journal. Backup. Link added March 26, 2002.
      "People tend to be very uncritical about data and where they come from," says Haney, who is director of the Center for the Study of Testing at Boston College. "When they're faced with a complexity of data, they end up focusing in on one or two or, at most, three variables. And most people almost always rely primarily on test scores."

      Good article. Easily understood language. Addresses the dilemma of reifying test scores. Many of you who are interested in teaching careers should consider this issue. Sociologists have much to do in helping the lay public understand what test scores can and cannot measure.

    • National Test Is Out of Tune With Times By Richard Rothstein. New York Times. March 27, 2002. Backup. Link added March 27, 2002.

      Good explanation of why tests don't work.

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      • Covers of Red Ink Magazine. Link to Red Ink site. Red Ink Magazine: Covers.

        "Our contributors hail from a plethora of tribes, including White Mountain Apache, Zuni Pueblo, Saginaw Chippewa, Yaqui, Northern Arapaho, Lenape, Ojibway, Pawnee and Hopi."

        My favorite is the cover with the lavendar mountains in the background, ghostlike figures in the sky and sitting figures in the foreground. For me it catches the beauty of the landscape, the heritage of the myths and stories, the serenity of meditation on a culture drawn from an unimaginably colorful past. Link on the thumbnail to see the actual version on the Red Ink site.

    • Poets You Should Know

      • Reva Mariah S. Gover

        • Long Division By Reva Mariah S. Gover, Skidi-Pawnee/Tohono O’odham. Native American poet. Backup. Link added March 27, 2002.

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    • On Saturday, March 23, 2002, Mac (Rebecca McLaughlin) wrote: "Just a FYI....absolutely no one has submitted to 'Who to Take' site. No activity from CSUDH or UWP since aug last year. It's too bad, because it's one of few opportunities that students can praise the prof's and share that wealth with other students unsure who to take for a class/emphasis. Just like anyone else, prof's need encouragement and praise too, and this site provided an excellent and appropriate forum to get the word out. Though you may be aware, thought I'd let you know just in case you weren't because you do such an outstanding job in keeping it updated."

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