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Volume 12, No.11, Week of April 8, 2002

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Volume 12, No. 10, Week of April 1, 2002
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The Black Chicken by jeanne.

The Black Chicken

I have two more drawings of the black chicken, but I've got to transfer them to digital. Then I'll put up the story of the Black Chicken to go with them. Soon. As soon as King Tut, the new little kitten can manage on his own with our two grown-up cats, who aren't behaving at all well.

King Tut Arrives at the Compound and Meets the Compound Facilities

Journal entry recorded by jeanne

King Tut and the Black Chicken

Journal entry recorded by jeanne

TUT Asleep King Tut, Asleep


Right Foot Hurt - Can't Drive :-(

Twisted the right foot. Thought it was OK yesterday, but I can barely stand on it today. No bones broken. Just can't rely on driving with it. So I won't be in my office on Wednesday. I'm sorry. I'll try to put up the black chicken segments. jeanne

Still Trying to Get the New System Up and Running

  • I knew I didn't want to do this system change. But maybe there's an end in sight. I'll still be spending most of my time on coaxing the new software to work, and uploading replacement software. You get a break - not so much stuff up this week. jeanne

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