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Volume 12, No.13, Week of April 22, 2002

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Volume 12, No. 12, Week of April 15, 2002
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jeanne's faantasy of Sean Thomas Dougherty's American Sonnet on a Cardboard Fruit Box

Boxes, fruit, "nada ninguno but the dead . . ."

It was 2 a.m. when I finished this. I must have been looking at the line on the Uruguayan Chili Box, and carefully inscribed Chili on the Guatemalan blanket. I thought I was writing Chile. Boxes, yes, boxes. jeanne

American Sonnet on a Cardboard Fruit Box
By Sean Thomas Dougherty

Campesina this box is labled, a for moving box
of bananas box, pineapples, mangoes
box of Argentina, El Salvador, box
of Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil, a box
of Brazil, Ecuadorian box, Peter's Groceries box
of Paraguay box, Uruguayan Chili box, Neruda
box like Joseph Cornell's boxes of
lost things, found things: fingers, hands, limbs,
nails, necks, a box for moving
books, Campesina box, a box for
revolutions box, solutions box, evolutions a box
to store a biography of Che', a box of Coup de Tete
for leaving nada ninguno but the dead, an empty box
peasant, woman, worker, a box to fill Gringo: a box


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  • The Good-Natured Bush Dance

    ACJS Conference in Anaheim in Spring 2002

     Sharon, Beverly, jeanne, Nyree, Rose, Martins, Millies, Eddie, and Susan at the ACJS Meetings in Anaheim in 2002.
    Click on image for a larger version.

    Sharon , Beverly , jeanne, Nyree, Rose, Martins, Millie, Eddie (Martins' friend), Susan.

    Conference coming up in Minneapolis on Restorative Justice

  • Third Annual International Conference on Restorative Justice Practices
    August 8-10, 2002
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Summer Jobs - NOT Sociology-Related
    McMaster-Carr is looking for an eight week commitment this summer at $12 per hour.

    California State University, Dominguez Hills
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    <i>The NOW Is Cracking</i>, by jeanne Healing
    The NOW is cracking.

    • Healing Thoughts:

      • Music Selections (mp3) of Marcel Khalife of Lebanon Be sure to listen to Peace Be With You and A Child. Link added April 23, 2002.

      • Adventrue Game Theatre: Essay on Play as Healing in an Adult World
      • Adventure Game Theatre I came across this wonderful site from a list of resources on the Antioch Environmental Education Program and Peacemaking. Link to Campers' Stories, and then to Sara Lucia's AGT Journal. Sara made a book of her experiences. Compare this to the books we've been making in class. Share this with friends, with siblings; it's a wonderful way to record your fun the future. We'll work on our hand-made books again next Fall. jeanne. Link added April 19, 2002.
        • Social Play Link to Workshops in the left-most frame. Then link to Social Play. The site has wonderful articles and pictures. Link added April 19, 2002.


      Theory EssaysTheory Essays

      Topics Index

      Discussing Theory

      • The New Anti-Americanism: America as an Orwellian Society By Dmitry Shlapentokh. The Partisan Review. Link added April 19, 2002.

        Conservative LePen of Elections in France, NY Times photo. LePen

      • At Least for a Moment, Euphoria on the Right
        By Donald G. McNeil, Jr. New York Times, Special E-mail News Alert. April 22, 2002. Backup. This should heighten our awareness of the importance of watching carefully developments in both the left perspective and the right perspective. Link added April 22, 2002.

      • Pro-Life Feminism Just the link up now. We're going to be looking at how social issues feed into each others' complexities. With this site, I am introducing the issues of abortion and feminism, as they affect the lives of women today. Essay up soon. Link added April 22, 2002.

      Concepts You Should Know:

      • bad faith

      • economic bad faith

      • environmental sociology

        • Eight key ideas of environmental advocacy In particular, please notice: biodiversity and wilderness preservation, occupational and public health, sustainable community economics, popular democracy, and social justice. April 19, 2002.

      • feminism

        • "Old" Feminism One of the first clear explanations of old (1970's) and new (2002) feminism. Awareness and verstehen are becoming the watchwords of the new feminism. jeanne. Link added April 24, 2002.
        • Pro-Life Feminism Just the link up now. We're going to be looking at how social issues feed into each others' complexities. With this site, I am introducing the issues of abortion and feminism, as they affect the lives of women today. Essay up soon. Link added April 22, 2002.

      • identity, racial and ethnic

      • play and its importance

      • postivism

        • Logical Positivism The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. "According to logical positivism, there are only two sources of knowledge: logical reasoning and empirical experience." (Scroll about half an inch down the file to find this first sentence under The Main Philosophical Tenets . . .) Emphasizes the ability to verify evidence of "truth" objectively: "Einstein's analysis of the empirical meaning of scientific concepts gave rise to the verifiability principle." (Scroll down about a third of the file to Before the Logical Positivism. Quote is in second sentence of first complete paragraph.) Link added April 25, 2002.
        • Logical Positivism Philosophy Pages. Good section on verifiability and meaning - first section after intro. Link added April 25, 2002.
        • A. J. Ayer - An End of Metaphysics By Andrew Knowlton. Lecture with discussion questions for a philosophy class. Ayers was an English Philosopher who presented logical positivism. The reference to the end of metaphysics is to the end of traditional philosophy because on the metaphysical plane statements are not verifiable, an important requirement for validity in positivism.

      • privilege, white

        • On Roediger's Wages of Whiteness Roediger, The Wages of Whiteness: Race and the Making of the American Working Class. Second Edition (New York, 1999) Review by Theodore W. Allen ("David Roediger's Wages of Whiteness, because of its almost universal acceptance for use in colleges and universities, has served as the single most effective instrument in the socially necessary consciousness-raising function of objectifying "whiteness," and in popularizing the "race-as-a-social-construct" thesis. As one who has been the beneficiary of kind supportive comments from him for my own efforts in this field of historical investigation, I undertake this critical essay with no other purpose than furthering our common aim of the disestablishment of white identity, and the overthrow of white supremacism in general.") Backup. Link added April 19, 2002.

      • restorative justice

      • sex with children: abuse and correction

        • Canadian Government Report Report in which the Canadian Gobernment considers how to cope with and correct the harm done to children through physical and sexual abuse of children institutionalized within the government's protective services. I am trying to build a set of files to acquaint us all with the extent to which this practice is global, not local. Particularly important just now because of the Catholic Church's struggle with clerical abuse of children. Link added April 25, 2002.

      • sociobiology

        • Edward O. Wilson, Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge, Random House, 1998. A Review of E. O. Wilson's Consilience and a Critique of Biological Determinism. Cultural Logic. Vol. 4, No. 2. Review by Lucas MacKenzie. Backup. Link added April 19, 2002.
          Sociobiology goes back to the old argument of heredity or environment. Are poor people poor because they "get what they deserve?" or because the system creates barriers past which they cannot climb? Our answers to questions such as these are the underlying assumptions on which we base our dominant discourse perceptions of whether equal access and opportunity are our responsibility or just reflect the "way things are." jeanne. April 20, 2002.

      Theorists You Should Know:

    Letters to My StudentsLetters to My Students

    Index of Letters to My Students

    • Up soon.


    Index of Artists Featured on This Site

  • Artists You Should Know

    • Frederick Hundertwasser Thumbnail from and Link to Hundertwasser Site

      • Frederick Hundertwasser Hundertwasser is one of my favorite artists. He's a lot like Gaudi, since he brings his art into architecture. This is a wonderful site that's also up on the new TAP website, which you should also go see. jeanne Link added April 21, 2002.

      • Poets You Should Know

        • Vénus Khoury-Ghata Partisan Review. Link added April 19, 2002.
          "Don't turn the pages upside down
          my mother would say
          backwards words get dizzy
          the troubled ink curdles like bad milk . . . "
          from Don't Turn by Vénus Khoury-Ghata
          Translated from the French by Rosanna Warren.

      • Poetry and Music We Share with Each Other

      signifiers across cultures: other languages In Other Languages

      Conflicts Around the World:

    • Present Danger

    • Long-Term Effects

      • Said on Suicide bombings Link added April 14, 2002.

      • How2 Postcard
        11/8/01: "Peace" vs. "Global Responsibility"
        (a discussion between Cynthia Hogue and Jeanne Heuving)

        I was struck by your comment that you saw little use in commentary on How2's Forum calling for peace (primarily my piece, although you don't mention me specifically), and that you rather thought it a time to call for Global Responsibility. I wouldn't have thought that the two are mutually exclusive. I would be interested in hearing more of your thoughts and distinctions. Mine have been evolving in the weeks since the bombing started, as I have heard Afghan women activists interviewed on Democracy Now--who are in favor of the bombing, and as more civilians have been killed. I wonder if your views have been gelling as well as we try to figure out what is happening through some serious censorship and quelling of dissenting voices. Although it seemed clear to me that you disagreed with me, I am not sure that I disagree with you--but I was also not sure what you meant.

        Kathleen would be open to our exchanging on the Forum, and while I do not wish to get into a long exchange, I would be interested in your clarification and amplification of your views.

        Hope your book is coming along well--I missed seeing you at MSA. I am on my very first sabbatical and pretty much in heaven at the Wurlitzer in Taos, which I strongly recommend you apply to for a residency. It is low key, in the mts. very beautiful.

        Best regards,


    • History

      • Up soon.

      Scholastic Resources:

    • The Writing Tutor:
      • Up soon.


      • How2 Journal of contemporary innovative writing practice by women. Link added April 17, 2002.

    • The Methods and Statistics Tutor:

      • Up soon.


      • Up soon.


    You Gotta Read This

    jobs, jobs, jobs Jobs and Job-Training:

    Susan with Blue BoyKids' Site

    • Up soon.

    What people are saying about Dear Habermas

    • On Sunday, April 21, 2002, Gilda wrote:
      "Hi Jeanne,
      This is Gilda, I wanted to let you know I earned Honors in my Sociology major. I'll be participating in the Convocation ceremony Friday at CSUDH, and I wanted to THANK YOU for your support. Your classes were always very stimulating. Thank you for treating your students like adults, with respect and compassion."

      Congratulations, Gilda. Don't forget to visit with us on the site, even after you graduate. love and peace, jeanne

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