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jeanne and Arnold home from Africa!

Sleeping male lions in Africa!

Snoozing Lions

Forget the imaginary! This is what it's really like!
Three male lions asleep in the morning sun at 8 a.m.,
and still asleep at 5 p.m., right where they were in the morning!

Yes, I was up at 8 a.m. We will not speak of that. jeanne

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Latest Update: July 12, 2001


I just slept for eighteen hours! The trip was wonderful. We went without pause. We met lions and leopards and water buffalo. Oh, and Buffy went with us, so he got to meet an African Cape buffalo. Give me a day or two to figure out how to type again, and to put up some of my paintings, and to write a report. Meanwhile, I've started a file of notes on the eclipse, inspired by an MSNBS report on the eclipse that was waiting for me on e-mail from Mac of Wisconsin. Thanks, Mac!

Oh, and watching some kids at the airport in Heathrow or Cape Town or somewhere, I figured out some great new strategies for the self tests. More about that soon.

love and peace, jeanne

Art We've Been Studying and Painting:

Art as Expanding the Imaginary

  • Search for Common Ground: Art Good summary of the role of art in transforming discourse. Will put up lecture notes later.
  • Icons You Are Welcome to Use

  • Icons The file name for each icon is given right next to the icon itself. By copying that file to your local directory, you can then use these icons in your e-mail messages and elsewhere. Come to my office for help if you need it. jeanne
  • Art for Peace

  • Students' Art for Peace Soc. 395-01: Special Topics: Tranforming Discourse will participate in this program in Fall 2001, if they are gracious enough to accept us. I have applied. Browse the site, and share your ideas with me as we plan for Fall.
  • Just received message that we have been accepted. They're sending the materials to school. Start planning your ideas for peace. July 12, 2001
  • Students' Art Work

  • Student Display Gallery of Dick Blick Art Supplies. I like this gallery because they have set it up so that visitors may comment on the art work, and one may send e-cards. Nice idea. We should begin to think about how we are going to display all the artwork we did last semester.
  • You Gotta Read This:

    Peacemaking and Nonviolence

  • Internet Symposium on Conflict Prevention If you register and monitor this conference, I will be glad to count that for credit in Soc. 395: Transforming Discourse. jeanne

  • The concept of nonviolence The Center For Nonviolence and Peace Studies at The University Of Rhode Island. They're holding a conference in August 2001. Check it out.
  • The Problem with "Knowingness"

  • So Who's Telling the Truth? David Brock writes new book saying that he lied about Anita Hill. Another reason why you must recognize that there are no definitive answers. Brock's perception of the truth was surely colored by his own ambitions and beliefs, as it is now. Judging validity claims requires a certain sophistication, that of recognizing that facts are not necessarily objective, and that judgments need to remain flexible to deal with such contingencies. This is a good example of why we need to be reflexive in our judgments.
  • Globalization

  • "What Is The Next Big Idea? Buzz Is Growing for 'Empire'" By Emily Eakin. New York Times, Saturday, July 7, 2001. Empire is the book I took to Africa with me. You'll have to wait for my notes. I shipped it home from Cape Town. This review in the New York Times will give you some idea of why I chose it to share with you this Fall.
  • Resources on Genocide and Human Rights

  • Diversity Resources: Online Teaching Resources in Psychology Good references on genocide, ethnopolitical conflict, and human rights issues, provided online by Online Teaching Resources in Psychology. Come into my office if you are having difficulty with .pdf files or downloading this. jeanne html

  • IFLAC: Pave Peace Ada Aharoni's site on Palestinian-Israeli peace through culture and literature. Ada Aharoni is a sociologist. I'll get some notes up on this soon. jeanne
  • Balancing Left/Right Perspective

  • Charles Krauthammer - conservative columnist at The Weekly Standard, which is included in your Left/Right Perspectives file.

  • Economic Policy Institute
  • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

  • American Sociological Association Homepage Scroll down to the bottom of the file. Type careers in the search box and pressGO. That will pull up about 22 documents for you on the ASA site. Good background information on possible jobs for which sociological knowledge prepares you.

  • A Student's Guide to Careers in the Helping Professions This career guide came to my attention when I followed a link to the diversity materials posted on the Peace Education Commission list. The Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology.

    This is an excellent resource on several levels. It will help you to broaden your ideas of helping, perhaps opening some new pathways for you to consider. The orientation is psychological and educational. Some of you in sociology may wish to expand this document to include the many careers around criminal and social justice.

    The document also provides an excellent example of a well thought-out and useful resource guide, for those of you considering Master's Projects instead of theses.

  • Western State University's LSAT practice.Free LSAT Practice Test - Western State University, Saturday, August 4, 2001.
  • Field Report from Africa Trip

  • The Nature Workshop Many pictures of Sabi Sabi and of other camps in Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, and elsewhere. Link halfway down the file to African Images.

  • Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve very similar to Mala Mala. Notice that you can enlarge the photos. wonderful pictures at Downloads. Also see pictures at African Bush Breaks. And here's MalaMala, where we stayed.

    jeanne's version of eclipse from Live! Eclipse 2001!

  • The Total Eclipse in Zambia

  • NASA report on Total Eclipse of June 21, 2001

  • Live! Eclipse 2001! Link to Streaming on Demand for some amazing pictures.

  • Eclipse 2001 Coverage: NASA

  • Eclipse from Zambia, June 21, 2001

  • Eclipse Highlights

  • Teaching Essays:

    Responsibility, Inclusion, and Social Justice

    The Death Penalty and Social Justice

    • Hands Off Cain International site for the abolition of the death penalty. Susan and I will be putting up more material on the death penalty, but I thought you might like to look at some of this material now. Link to Our achievements and from there to 6. Cases of condemned prisoners that have given impetus to the abolitionist campaign . Then link to Link and USA for US sites on the issue of the death penalty. Lecture notes up soon. jeanne

    Sociologists and Others You Should Know

    jeanne's journal

  • Where's jeanne? Links to notes.

    New additions:

  • jeanne's Informal Comments on Learning Summer 2001

  • Conflicts Around the World:

    Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

  • Letter From Palestine, by Roane Carey.