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Table of Contents: What's New?

for the Week of July 16, 2001?

Teaching Essays and Discuourse
Art We've Been Studying and Painting:
Our Collective Journal
Conflicts Around the World
You Gotta Read This!
Gallery Just started this file.
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Teaching Essays and Discourse

Essay Index

Please check it out and let me know how you like it. jeanne

Art We've Been Studying and Painting:

Art as Expanding the Imaginary

  • Art Project I. Fall 2001 Some of the logic of using art to expand the imaginary is discussed. A few resources given. And a description of the mechanics of our first project.
  • More Icons for You to Use

  • Icons I added an icon for the Art section and for the Weekly Index, and one for Susan's classes. More guelphs soon. Have to catch up on Africa first. jeanne
  • Art for Peace

  • Students' Art for Peace Since I have asked to include all four classes in this project, I expect that we will continue to include artwork as an integral part of our classes, just as we did last Spring. It has been my experience in most of these projects that you want to keep your own original art work. That mean's we'll reproduce it for exchange with students in different parts of the world. As I understand it, we would exchange with one other school. Maybe we'd like to exchange with more than one school, which would permit us to exchange with students at different levels. We'd just have to pay for more reproductions. We'll decide when classes begin. jeanne

  • Our Collective Journal

  • What's Our Discourse About These Days? Index of links to notes by jeanne, Susan, Pat, et alia.

    New additions

  • NGO's and Common Ground Introduction to transforming discourse on a nation state and ethnic group level. More to come. . .

  • Religion and the Frankfurt School So far I've just copied the post as it came in my e-mail. Will get to notes later . . .

  • Religion and Neuroscience My notes on article in Sunday's LA Times Magazine. Science begins to tell us how religion matters.

  • Responsibility in an Adversarial Environment Introduction to a dilemma I want to consider in Transforming Discourse. More later . . .

  • Art, Dramaturgy, and Social Psychology, After TR Young Notes based on PSN posts by TR Young and Lauren Langman. More later . . .

  • Religion and Neuroscience Images of the brain reveal that transcendence, intense meditative concentration, produces actual changes in the brain. Vince Rause's description of Andrew Newberg's work in neuroscience is both fascinating and very readable.

  • Amnesty International and Amnesty International Report 2001 Sources for updates on Human Rights around the world. Lecture up soon . . .

  • Religion and Civilisational Dialogues I have already put up an URL to the Islam21 Site. This represents the first step in our undertaking to adequately read on Islam in our disscussions of social justice. July 16, 2001.

  • The Alliance for Democracy Just have the site up today. Check out Susan George's Homepage, too. More later . . . July 16, 2001.

  • Beginning discussion on art and its meaning on our site. These notes will deal with my planning of our participation in Art for Peace in the Fall of 2001. July 17, 2001.

  • Writing to Us: Some Guidelines "Your correspondence aids us in developing an intertextual publication forum for teachers and students. . . The availability of these writings to other teachers and students sometimes is a source of new and creative ideas, and sometimes is a source of new examples and explanations that might click for you as others have not." July 18, 2001.

  • Added A.Word.A.Day to our Weekly Online Materials Page Added link July 18, 2001.

  • Keep your eye on the ball. Which ball? Notes on Eric Boria's post on PSN on July 18. 2001.

  • killing the revolutionaries Susan's entry in response to jeanne's responsibility in an adversarial environment. Uploaded on July 20, 2001.

  • Responsibility in an Adversarial Environment Finished file on report requested by Guy Witherspoon: Refusing complicity by refusing to remain silent. Uploaded Firday, July 20, 2001.

  • Conflicts Around the World:

    Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

  • Letter From Palestine, by Roane Carey.

  • You Gotta Read This

    Privatizing Corrections

  • States Pressed as 3 Boys Die at Boot Camps By Michael Janofsjy, The New York Times, Sunday, July 15, 2001. p.A 1. backup
  • The Presidential Election, 2000

  • How Bush Took Florida: Mining the Overseas Absentee Vote By David Barstow and Don Van Natta Jr., Sunday, July 15, 2001. Front page.

    I know that some of you said you didn't want to read another word about the election. Understandable at the time. But now analysis is beginning to show up, with some data. Particularly in Sociology of Law we'll need to discuss social justice and what the election means to the democratic process.

  • Posner v. Dershowitz by By Ethan Bronner, New York Time Book Review, Sunday, July 15, 2001.

  • FIRST CHAPTER: "Supreme Injustice: How the High Court Hijacked Election 2000" By Alan M. Dershowitz.

  • FIRST CHAPTER: "Breaking the Deadlock: The 2000 Election, the Constitution, and the Courts" By Richard A. Posner.
  • What They're Saying About Dear Habermas

  • "A great example of using the internet to teach, learn, and collaborate."
  • Peacemaking and Nonviolence

  • Internet Symposium on Conflict Prevention If you register and monitor this conference, I will be glad to count that for credit in Soc. 395: Transforming Discourse. jeanne
  • Resources on Genocide and Human Rights

  • Diversity Resources: Online Teaching Resources in Psychology Good references on genocide, ethnopolitical conflict, and human rights issues, provided online by Online Teaching Resources in Psychology. Come into my office if you are having difficulty with .pdf files or downloading this. jeanne html
  • Balancing Left/Right Perspective

  • Economic Policy Institute
  • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

  • American Sociological Association Homepage Scroll down to the bottom of the file. Type careers in the search box and pressGO. That will pull up about 22 documents for you on the ASA site. Good background information on possible jobs for which sociological knowledge prepares you.

  • A Student's Guide to Careers in the Helping Professions This career guide came to my attention when I followed a link to the diversity materials posted on the Peace Education Commission list. The Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology.

    This is an excellent resource on several levels. It will help you to broaden your ideas of helping, perhaps opening some new pathways for you to consider. The orientation is psychological and educational. Some of you in sociology may wish to expand this document to include the many careers around criminal and social justice.

    The document also provides an excellent example of a well thought-out and useful resource guide, for those of you considering Master's Projects instead of theses.

  • Western State University's LSAT practice.Free LSAT Practice Test - Western State University, Saturday, August 4, 2001.

  • What people are saying about

    Dear Habermas


  • Beginning of Gallery Files