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Request for Ride to ASA in Anaheim"

Poor student needs help getting from Los Angeles to the meetings. If anyone from LA would like to be a good Samaritan and give him a ride it would be greatly appreciated. You will be rewarded with good conversation and peaceful dreams.

Tsio Tsost

The Security Guard
A Poem by Theresa Wolfwood
in Memory of Hiroshima

So waht do you s'pose white means, after all? It's Devastating
A Poem by Rebecca McLaren (UWP)

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by Olivier Urbain and Jeanne Curran
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Table of Contents: What's New?

for the Week of August 6, 2001?

Teaching Essays
In Other Languages
Art and the Imaginary
Collaborative Writing Journal
Conflicts Around the World
Scholastic Resources
Lagniappe! You Gotta Read This!
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
Resource Pages:
. . . Criminology and Aging and Peacemaking
. . . and Theory and Women and Social Justice
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Teaching EssaysTeaching Essays

Teaching and Review Essay Index

New This Week:



Incarceration and Criminal Justice

Labor Relations

Left/Right Perspective

Problematizing Education

Social Work in Late Capitalism

Sociologists and Others You Should Know

  • Marx

  • Contemporary Marxist Material

    • Marxism: Socialism from Below by David McNally. The Australian National University. Canberra. Available online.
      "Tracing the fate of revolutionary socialism through the past 100 years, David McNally shows that there are two currents in the socialist tradition. One is . . . . is socialism from below, the living tradition of workers' struggle which has been hidden in the years of compromise and betrayal . . . . [H]umanity stands in desperate need of this tradition, of a transformation of the world order from below."
      from the back cover of Socialism from Below

  • Edward Said

    Interview with Said in the International Socialist Review, Issue 18, June/July, 2001.

    signifiers across cultures: other languages In Other Languages

    • El Proyecto de Ciudadanía English and Spanish. Site contains information on citizenship, immigration, and articles in progress.

    • CERIS Centre d'excellence conjoint pour la recherche en immigration et en intégration (CERIS). Joint Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Settlement (CERIS). French and English.

    • znet en espanol Left perspective.

    • Instituto Nacional de la Nutricion Salvador Zubiran México D.F., México. "Estas páginas contienen información para el público en general sobre temas de prevención de la salud y sobre enfermedades." Site still under construction, especially English version. If links don't work the first time, try again. Site uses JavaScript.

    Art and the Imaginary



    • Link to Lucebert's mother and child, 1961. Mother and Child Lucebert, 1961. Stedelijk Museum. Amsterdam. Link to archives, then to The Presentation (third from last on the list), then to artworks. Then scroll all the way to the right.

    Art as Expanding the Imaginary

    Art as Healing

    Poets We Share

    Artists You Should Know

    Art You Should Know

  • Collaborative Writing Journal

    Current work in progress on teaching and review essays
    by jeanne, Susan, Pat, et alia.

    New additions this week:

    Conflicts Around the World:

    • Present Danger

      • Africans face murder... PSN post on August 6, 2001, by Rodney Coates. Happening on border between Turkey and Greece.

        • Human Rights Association of Turkey Link to the July 26 posting on African Migrants and Refugees Face Imminent Death in the Border Zone.
        • I must be invisible by rodney d. coates. (1998) The professor who posted this message to PSN is the one whose poem we shared last week. There's a voice recording so you can hear him read the poem.

    • Long-Term Effects

      • Great Expectations By Catherine Hausman and Victoria Goldman. New York Times article. "For bright young illegal immigrants, a dream of college is at best uncertain."

    • History

      • Leopold's Colony: The Congo Notes on jeanne's reading of King Leopold's Ghost. "The very first thing I want to tell you about this book is that it gives you a breath-taking sense of how silence is imposed on exploited peoples . . . ."

    Scholastic Resources:


    You Gotta Read This

    • McJobs Christopher Shumway alerts us to an article on ZNet about teenagers and jobs.

    jobs, jobs, jobs Jobs and Job-Training:

    • McJobs Christopher Shumway alerts us to an article on ZNet about teenagers and jobs. So far I just have linked to the McJobs article, but we'll talk about what this means to young people soon. jeanne

    • Teens@Work What Working Teens --and their Parents--Should Know About Health and Safety on the Job. Wichita-Hutchinson Labor Federation of Central Kansas, AFL-CIO.


    Susan with Blue BoyKids' Site

    What people are saying about

    Dear Habermas
    • Nobody's said anything recently. :-(( jeanne

    Who To Take?