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Volume 9, No. 12, Week of August 13, 2001

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Request for Ride to ASA in Anaheim"

Poor student needs help getting from Los Angeles to the meetings. If anyone from LA would like to be a good Samaritan and give him a ride it would be greatly appreciated. You will be rewarded with good conversation and peaceful dreams.

Tsio Tsost

Hampton, VA, cops killed Black woman
for Driving While Black (DWB)

American Sociological Association (ASA)
Meetings in Anaheim in August 2001

Caliifornia State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Latest Update: August 13, 2001


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New This Week:

Driving While Black

Responsibility, Privilege, and Denial

Structural Violence

  • Busting the Good Samaritan by Fred Dickey. In the Los Angeles Times Magazine. August 12, 2001. backup Teaching and review essay up soon. Notice that the charges filed against the "good Samaritan" are not substantiated by any knowledge of the man charged. But the rule of law was technically broken, and by enforcing it technically under the rules of the system, the very substance of the law is violated. This is a policy issue. More when I manage to get up the review and teaching essay. We'll take a close look at this story in criminology and in sociology of law.

signifiers across cultures: other languages In Other Languages

  • El Proyecto de Ciudadanía English and Spanish. Site contains information on citizenship, immigration, and articles in progress.

Art and the Imaginary

Art as Expanding the Imaginary

Art You Should Know

    Worshiping the Ancestors: Chinese Commemorative Portraits National Gallery of Asian Art.

    • Chinese American Teens on Ancestor Worship Today This is an excellent site that gives you some insight in the important role that art can play in the social setting. Notice that the curator of the Chinese Commemorative Portraits Exhibit is not much concerned with whether or not the portrait is an original or a later copy. That's a Western concern. The importance of these portraits is their social role in honoring the memory of recent ancestors.

    • Worship Works: Memorial Chinese Portraiture at the Sackler Gallery. By Melissa Seckora. National Review. July 21-22, 2001
      "It is remarkable that the 38 large scroll portraits that make up the core of the exhibition ever made it to the United States in the first place. Historically, ancestor portraits were kept in the family and rarely exhibited publicly. Possession of an ancestor portrait from someone else's family was considered taboo, if not dangerous.

      As the story goes, an unusually large collection of 85 Chinese figure paintings from the 15th to the mid-20th centuries found its way to the Sackler Gallery in the early 1990s after an unknown 87-year-old horse breeder, and art collector, named Richard G. Pritzlaff offered his collection of portraits to the nation."

  • Image Collections and Online Art University of Michigan Site.

  • An Introduction to Ancient World Cultures on the Web Why study World Cultures? An Essay by Bill Hemminger.

  • The Bhagavad Gita "Emerson responded to the great concepts and questions that The Bhagavad Gita explores: the notion that an individual human life is but part of a greater reality of which humans, likewise, are a part; the notion of the transitory nature of suffering and pain (not to mention pleasure); the valorizing of the spiritual, not the material, part of human nature."

  • Jacques-Edouard Berger Foundation

Artists You Should Know

Theatre You Should Know

  • Review of Gielgud: A Theatrical Life By Jonathan Croall. Review by By John Simon: 'Gielgud': The Master's Voice. An excellent review, in which Simon speaks of the Lawrence Olivier and John Gielgud as very different personalities. Olivier, cold and adversarial. Gielgud, warm and caring. I'd like to read Croall's book with Fellman's paradigm shift away from adversarialism in mind.

  • Evita And Company in South Africa Link to Pieter-Dirk Uys Memo for a description of Foreign Aids:
    "For Pieter-Dirk Uys, South Africa's best-known comedian ( though comic actor, polemicist or provocateur might be a more accurate description) comedy is still the most effective medium for challenging, educating, aggravating in the name of freedom."
    Link suggested by Olivier Urbain of Transcend Art and Peace.

Collaborative Writing Journal

New additions this week:

  • Looking at Hate Crime Statistics Journal entry by jeanne.
  • Developing Trust Through Process Texts
  • Talk about Field Trips! This report of a Benedictine father's trip to Guatemala shames me that my field report is still so far from completion. jeanne
  • Robin Hood and Brown Buffalo on Children and Responsibility

  • The Sun "The Sun isn't 'literary' or 'political' or 'spiritual' in the usual sense. It begins where those labels end, which is where life gets interesting. Each month, in essays, stories, interviews, and poetry, people write in The Sun of their struggle to understand their lives, often baring themselves with surprising intimacy. Our writers aren't afraid to take risks, to look at something ugly - or beautiful - and describe it honestly." This just came in on one of my lists. Sounds like something a lot of us would enjoy. Check it out. I'll have an essay up on an article in the August 2001 issue, as soon as I can locate a copy. jeanne

Conflicts Around the World:

  • Present Danger
    • Dialogue Webpage for Conflicts Worldwide (DWCW) Important source for understanding the globalized patterns of violence and attempts to contain it. BBS Site, sponsored by The Japan Center for Preventive Diplomacy
    • Despite Reports of Brutality, Genoese Support Their Police By Melinda Henneberger. August 13, 2001. The New York Times, p. A1. backup Notice the many levels at which we can examine conflict: the interpersonal, the political, the local and the national, internationl community. We need to become aware of these different spheres, so that we take the structural component of the sphere of action into account as we assess validity claims.

    • "And They Called It Peace" US Policy on Iraq by Phyllis Bennis, Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, Washington, DC. Dec/19/2000. On the DWCW Site. Notice the complexity of the issues, notice the mulitple spheres of influence involved, and read as broadly as you can to hear the many validity claims. In this complexity, "knowingness" is a detriment.
    • Migrants Feel Sting of S. Africans' Anger By Ann M. Simmons. Los Angeles Times. August 13, 2001. P. A1. "Strife: With post-apartheid gains slow, blacks lash out as neighbors move in."

    • Zimbabwe News this week. Los Angeles Times. About 300 farms owned by whites taken over by blacks this week. Violence reported. "Government has targeted more than 4,600 white-owned farms for confiscation without compensation."

    • Neocolonial Invitation to a Tribal War By Noam Chomsky. Philosopher and social critic Noam Chomsky is author of "A New Generation Draws the Line: Kosovo, East Timor, and the Variable Standards of the West" (Verso, 2000)"

  • Long-Term Effects

  • History
    • Re-Reassessing Nixon and Kissinger By Jack F. Matlock Jr., August 12, 2001. New York Times Book Review of Larry Berman's No Peace, No Honor. This review does an admirable job of recounting some of the reassessment of the Vietnam War. It outlines Berman's conclusions, giving you a framework for understanding the debate. jeanne
    • Japan's Premier Pleases Few With Visit to War Shrine By Stephanie Strom. New York Times. August 14, 2001. p. A1. Conflict between honoring national military dead and acknowledgment of historical war crimes.

    Scholastic Resources:

    • Internet Scholastic Resources

    • Map Quest Lots of Java Script errors. Just keep clicking OK. Site does work. click world map. There will be an index in the left-most frame where you can link to other maps. Simple and useful.

    • Cultural Studies Resources Blackwell Publishers Site. "Cultural studies (CS) is concerned with subjectivity and power--how human subjects are formed and experience their lives in cultural and social space. CS blends methods and issues from economics, politics, media and communication studies, sociology, literature, education, the law, science and technology studies, anthropology, and history, with a particular focus on gender, race, class, and sexuality in everyday life. It represents, in broad terms, the commingling of textual and social theory, under the sign of a commitment to progressive social change."

    • EServer "The EServer, formerly at Carnegie Mellon, is now based at the University of Washington. We are increasing efforts to publish new works (31462 so far)."


    You Gotta Read This

    jobs, jobs, jobs Jobs and Job-Training:

    • Internet Public Library Pathfinder: Career Exploration Many of the recommended print sources will be in your local library or school library. Internet resources were pretty up-to-date this week. August 12, 2001. This is a general resource for those considering "what they'd like to do when they grow up."

    • Samples of Jobs Out There in Peacemaking This is a newly started onsite resource for those of you who are exploring career choices or career changes. Let me know if you find it helpful. jeanne


    • Some images from my Travel Journal. South Africa.

      Fences and the social contract. Fences and the social contract. Rousseau.

      The softening of denial. The softening of denial.

      Exclusion. Exclusion.

  • Poem and Art Page, Volume 1 Revised.

  • The Madonna in Art Just set up. I'm trying to pull all our paintings into a gallery site, but it's going to take a while. Meanwhile, you can find them in the weekly archives. jeanne

    Susan with Blue BoyKids' Site

    • Kids' Site Homepage Updated

    • Kids' Site Index

    • Kidpub A publishing forum for kids. Lots of stories, written by kids! Site is restructuring. But whole first volume is up. Ages seem to run from about 9 to 15. And there's a good section on editor's picks with tips for writing.

    • Tumble Books Neat site with animated cartoons and audio for young kids and reading books. But I couldn't get the reader to download. Maybe some of you would like to try. I e-mailed them for help.

      But Imanaged to read their internet safety book, by going to Tumblekidsand selecting the choice in the right upper corner.

      I had a great time with their slide puzzle. Cute noises; the pieces slide and click into place; don't play with it all night instead of reading theory! Click on Tumblekids in the menu of buttons across the top of the screen. Then click on the Check out this fun stuff button, the big one at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen that is highlighted in red when your cursor passes over it. Several choices pop up. I chose the middle puzzle on the bottom row. jeanne

    What people are saying about Dear Habermas

    • Well, Susan and Mac and jeanne aren't saying much about us; they're just talking about the site and their expectations for it.

    • Angela Boyd wrote: "First let me start out by saying I never expected such great feed back from my two journal entries, I am both honored and pleased. Thank you to everyone who responded."

    • On Wednesday, August 15, 2001, Stephanie Brown wrote:
      "My name is Stephanie Brown. I have read "The Space Traders" by Derrick Bell. I really enjoyed his story, and found his writing very profound. So I decided to go on the internet to find more information on Bell. After conducting a search at Yahoo, I found your site. What really caught my eye was Cal State Dominguez Hills because I am currently a senior at CSUDH majoring in English Literature. Are you a professor?

      What is your site about? I didn't see any way to respond to Bell's quote. Please write back when you have some time.

      Stephanie D. Brown

    Who To Take?