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Volume 11, No. 2, Week of December 31, 2001

jeanne's version of East meets West from Barry Bearak's NYTimes photo.

And a Happy New Year to All!

I tried to put up a photograph of this scene from the New York Times. Shot by Barry Bearak of the Times., p. B5, December 31, 2001, but I couldn't find it in the online version. So I painted for you what it made me think of: Peace and joy, and one of the loveliest settings I've ever seen. I rarely do landscapes. But these are Pakistani soldiers being sent into the Northeastern section of Pakistan on the border with Afghansitan, near Kunduz. At least I think I've got my geography right. This is an area never really ruled by anyone but the tribal groups (Pashtun). And they're going to protect the Pakistani border from escaping Taliban, on mules. The whole conglomerate of contradictions as East meets West, as tribal rule meets sovereign state, seems embodied in Barry Bearak's photograph.

Story at Local Hospitality: Tribal Area of Pakistan Gives Refuge to Qaeda Fighters Fleeing Caves By Barry Bearak. December 31, 2001. backup

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May peace and healing be with us throughout the coming year.
jeanne and Susan and all of us at Dear Habermas

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Volume 11, No. 1, Week of December 24, 2001
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The Rescue. Painting What Can’t Be Seen
24” X 36” Oil by Bronna A. Butler
© 2001, Bronna A. Butler. All rights reserved.

The Rescue oil painting was donated to the American Red Cross on October 27, 2001. The Red Cross is displaying it at the New York City Family Assistance Center. Postcards and Prints can be ordered at the World Trade Center Tribute Site. Link to The Rescue - Oil Painting. Link shared with us by Teresa Mason on December 23, 2001.


Reports of Learning:
What jeanne knows you've done.
There are bound to be some mistakes as I transferred this to coded numbers. Please let me know in that case so we can correct them. Sorry it took so long. And it's nowhere near finished yet, because I have about 80 files left to link to. You're still writing. But that's OK. It just means we need to adjust timelines. Please be sure to check the site next week to be sure your submissions are up correctly, and to respond when appropriate. jeanne. 1:30 a.m., December 19, 2001.

P.S. Jury Duty is over! jeanne. December 28, 2001.

November Writing Project Award OSCARS for Academic Achievement Dear Habermas Award

Oscars for Achievement in the Academy

The OSCARS emerged as an integral part of our Reports of Learning. Sorry, there's no way I could have known. At any rate, now I'm off to make a final adjustment in grades. If I've made a mistake, just e-mail, and we'll right it. Thank you for your patience. Finally, this semester, doing non-structurally violent things seems to have worked out well right in the midst of a structurally violent corporate university environment. What a nice gift for us all. love and peace, jeanne. December 16, 2001.

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    • The Siege of Herat: 1837 - 1838 M.A. Thesis by John Carl Nelson. Shows the struggle between Britain and Russia for control, and the role played by Herat in that struggle. Link added December 23, 2001.

      Beautifully set up thesis, complete with proposal, approval sheet, and the whole thesis in html. Those of you planning to do a thesis should skim this example as a structural guide.

    • AIDS in China UCLA Doctoral Thesis in Public Health. Fully laid out. Good model.

    • Port Huron Statement of the Students for a Democratic Society, 1962 Posted on January 2, 2002, in connection with a Tod Gitlin piece at:

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    What people are saying about Dear Habermas

    • On Saturday, December 22, Kerry Partika wrote:

      Hi Jeanne,
      Hope that your break is going well. thanks so much for the oscar that you awarded me. it really made my day. anyway, you won't believe this one... my mom was reading her fiance's christmas cards today, and she read one from one of his old college friends. she started to think how familiar everything in the newsletter inside the card was sounding when she realized that she was reading stuff about dear habermas and things that she had heard me talking about. turns out, the card was from susan takata!! isn't that so funny! what a small world it is! i thought that you would get a kick out of that. i think that i will email her that story and introduce myself. well, have a nice weekend. talk to you soon. Kerry

      On Sunday, December 23, 2001, jeanne responded:

      Yes, Kerry. A small world, a neat virtual community, and a great Christmas story!
      love and peace, jeanne

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