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Volume 11, No. 4, Week of January 14, 2002

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Volume 11, No. 3, Week of January 7, 2002
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Confusion: Identity, Economics, Culture

Confusion: Identity, Economics, Culture

The wild abstract above is my expression of confusion. My husband's face is in the upper left hand corner. My mother-in-law, the crocodile, appears diagonally across the image. Print it out and draw your own over it. Or pick up the file in whatever drawing program you have. Call up the file, or use the earlier version Or give it to your kids to do. Whatever, but use art to express what you're feeling. If my drawing is Confusion, can you draw Calm? Peace? Send me your drawings, or those of your friends, siblings, parents, children. We'll make up a gallery on Dear Habermas.


Collaborative Writing Article

Overcoming Adversarialism: A Collaborative Writing Article by the CSUDH Graduate Theory Project Workgroup. Link updated January 15, 2002.

We have until February 5, 2002, to edit, add end notes and bibliography. I'm trying to set up our listserv now. All of you who would like to participate, welcome. The development of the report will go on for other submissions. jeanne

Moot Court, Spring 2002:
Announcements under Weekly Readings and Suggested Measures of Learning. We'll give you the Course number for registration next week. It will be TBA (Time To Be Arranged) so that it will fit into all your schedules. Registration is by permission only. That's my permission.

The CRN wasn't working this week because of an old prerequisite. I'll try to take care of it Monday, January 14. jeanne

Calls for Papers, Articles, Conferences: Winter/Fall/Spring 2002:
  • Updated Collaborative Project On September 9/11 student response. January 15, 2002 or February 5?? Deadline for submission. Link Updated January 12, 2002.
  • Fall 2002 Announcements Conference at Claremont Colleges, February 7-10, 2002. Free. "role of apology as a social force"
  • Fall 2002 Journal call. Humanistic theory. Deadline: February 28, 2002.
  • "Call for . . . Announcement Index
  • Art for Peace for Spring 2002

  • California State University, Dominguez Hills
    University of Wisconsin, Parkside
    Soka University Japan, Transcend Art and Peace
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    For the Week of January 14, 2001

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    Teaching and Review Essay Index Not updated. Sorry. January 3, 2002. Soon.

      Discussing Theory:

      They Just Don't Get It, Do They? Comment, November 21, 2001, by Peter Borchert of Africa Geogrpahic Online. Environmental Issues and the War on Terrorism.

    • Social Theory Concepts:

      • Sociological Concepts David Kessel's Website. Definitions in plain English. Gray sheets give outlines. Link on the title of the concept to get to the peach sheet, which gives more extensive information. Good theory review at basic level. Link added January 14, 2002.

      • interdependence:

      • Interdependence and Dualism Onsite teaching essay.


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    • Up soon.

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    • Up soon.

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    • If you're working on a thesis project, it is your responsibility to follow through on the notes we have provided on site for you to define the statement of the problem, the background, and to begin a review of literature. Please don't ask me what you should do. Use the examples we have given, and make an effort to do something. Then report to me what you have done, so I will know what you have learned. There should be no excuse for weeks without communication unless you have left on vacation.

      Reporting what you have done does not include telling me that you've read lots of stuff. What did you learn from what you read? What stood out? What did it tell you about your project? I will be on campus occasionally. I'll try to post the dates, so you can use those occasions to meet with me.

  • Curricular and Scholarly Resources:

    • Sociological Concepts David Kessel's Website. Definitions in plain English. Gray sheets give outlines. Link on the title of the concept to get to the peach sheet, which gives more extensive information. Good theory review at basic level. Link added January 14, 2002.


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    • Thank you, I made it . . . Journal entry by Victor Rodriguez.
      "Hi Jeanne, How are you? I was your student for 3 classes and i graduated from CSUDH last year....I'm currently working as an Associate Producer for NBC Telemundo, and I just want to thank you for all your help...God bless you...Victor"

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