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Volume 11, No. 5, Week of January 21, 2002

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Volume 11, No. 4, Week of January 14, 2002
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Photo from the King Center.

Martin Luther King: The Dream
Photo from the Martin Luther King Center


Prayers for Peace

Prayers for peace from the major religions of the world

Graffiti on Russian HipHop Site


I would like to suggest that protest doesn't need to be on the side of a building or shouted out loud in a crowded gathering. As we have discussed in the the refusal to accept the complicity of denial, it can be enough to keep us aware that we simply scribble that protest of complicity on a simple drawing, pinned up somewhere nearby. That, too, can relieve the frustration and strengthen us towards not being complicit in domination and injustice.

Moot Court, Spring 2002:

Syllabus for Moot Court, Spring 2002

You may register by telephone. The CRN number is working. TBA (Time To Be Arranged) so that it will fit into all your schedules. Registration is by permission only. That's my permission. E-mail for permission. jeanne

Workgroup Meeting Announcement:
Thursday, January 24, 2002. 2:00 p.m.

Will announce room as soon as CSUDH confirms it. Please attend if you can. Minutes will be posted under weekly readings for Moot Court and will go the listserv via e-mail. These meetings are not mandatory. We just need face to face interaction, so chill. This will be technically before the start of the Spring semester anyway. But I'd like to get us started early.

First Performance in Spring 2002:

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Collaborative Writing Article

Overcoming Adversarialism: A Collaborative Writing Article by the CSUDH Graduate Theory Project Workgroup. Link updated January 15, 2002.

We have until February 5, 2002, to edit, add end notes and bibliography. I will begin later today to edit the article by adding end notes, identifying theory connected to the issues discussed. I would appreciate if you would follow that and make your own suggestions.

We had to get this done with lightning speed. So consider the title. Let's see if we can come up with a better one.

Calls for Papers, Articles, Conferences: Winter/Fall/Spring 2002:
  • "Call for . . . Announcement Index

  • Fall 2002 Announcements Conference at Claremont Colleges, February 7-10, 2002. Free. "role of apology as a social force"
  • Fall 2002 Journal call. Humanistic theory. Deadline: February 28, 2002.

  • Moot Court,March 5-9, 2002: Presentations at
    The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Disneyland in Anaheim

  • California State University, Dominguez Hills
    University of Wisconsin, Parkside
    Soka University Japan, Transcend Art and Peace
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      "Graduates have found jobs or pursued graduate studies in a wide variety of areas, including education, politics, law, business, ministry, community development and empowerment, and social activism. Many students have spent a year or more in volunteer programs after graduation, from the Peace Corps to religious groups such as Jesuit Volunteers or Lutheran Volunteers."


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      • On Thursday, January 17, 2002, Lisa J. Stevens wrote about our collaborative writing article:
      • "Looks great......amazing what a little collaboration can produce with the right person in charge!!" See the article at Overcoming Adversarialism

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