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Created: July 15, 2001
Latest update: July 18, 2001

Writing to Us

Copyright: Jeanne Curran and Susan R. Takata: July 2001. "Fair Use" encouraged.

Rui Pereira, of Portugal, recently wrote to Dear Habermas on issues of interpretation. We are flattered. We have done our best to answer. And that made us realize that we need to restate our own goals.

We consider that teaching has been much neglected in our institutions of higher education. Students' term papers collect dust under their beds or in the basement until they can find the will power to toss them. Teachers lecture notes and dialogued corrections with students often suffer the same fate. The postmodern concern with intertextuality (Intertextuality and the Writing of Social Research by Nicholas Fox, Medical School, University of Sheffield) led us to reinterpret the importance of teachers' and students' writing that is related to their academic discussions. We think that those writings, like Nicholas Fox' dissertation notes, have something to add to the interpretation of more traditional texts. Your correspondence aids us in developing an intertextual publication forum for teachers and students.

Dear Habermas is a forum for the publication of these writings in the area of social justice and peacemaking. The availability of these writings to other teachers and students sometimes is a source of new and creative ideas, and sometimes is a source of new examples and explanations that might click for you as others have not. As our students and others write increasingly often, we recognize the need to set out some guidelines.

Guidelines for Writing to Us

  • We cannot be experts in all topics. We'll do our best to answer your questions, but our answers will reflect our own studies, values, and interests. Please do not limit your research to our perspective. We do not represent any ultimate AUTHORITY, other than within the walls of our own classrooms.

  • We cannot publish long treatises and term papers. We can link to them. But we do not have the server space for major works.

  • We cannot promise activism. We are teachers, trying to acquaint our students with the choices we all face on major social issues. We have students who take active roles in many causes. But that is the role of politics, not education.

  • You are welcome to discuss your validity claims in this forum (subject only to establishing some relation to the site's focus, to minimal editing, and to some scholarly response). Our site is devoted to issues of criminal justice, social justice and peace, to theory and praxis, and to postmodernism and critical theory. We ask that your correspondence fit within this framework.

  • Jeanne Curran and Susan Takata reserve the right to select the material included on the site. This is structurally violent and enforces an elite hierarchy, but we consider it a practical necessity if we're going to get the site updated regularly.

  • We ask that you recognize that our time is limited, and that we cannot always formally request permission to publish your correspondence. Therefore, we ask that on writing to us, you imply that Dear Habermas-related correspondence may be published on the site, and that you clearly identify any material not for publication on the site.

  • Please correspond by e-mail, and please do not use attachments because of technical difficulties like viruses.

We are very pleased to have received enough correspondence to make the above tentatively-expounded guidelines necessary. Please continue to write. We need the forums. We need to write for an audience, for in writing and publishing we clarify the intertextual struggles to make our voices heard above the orderly mask of the "administered" academy.

jeanne and Susan