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Latest update: July 9, 1999
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January 2002 New Stuff

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

January 2000 New Stuff

Correctional Education Connections

June 1999 New Stuff

Trends in Juvenile Violence

Juvenile Offenders: Update on Violence

World Justice Information Network
New URL. You must register, but the site is free. Link added June 25, 1999.

"Forgive-and-Forget Approach Won't Halt Juvenile Crime"
Courts Must Distinguish Between First-Time Offenders and Chronic Predators
Newpaper account by T. Markus Funk in St. Louis Post-Dispatch, June 10, 1997, at 7B.
Has gained in importance since the Littleton disaster.
Link checked and added to violent crime section on June 22, 1999.

"The Dangers of Hiding Criminal Pasts"
1998 article by T. Marcus Funk on expungement of juvenile records and its effect on violent offenders.
Link called to my attention by Prof. Funk and added here June 22, 1999.

Review of Kellerman's Savage Spawn
Kellerman, a child psychologist, takes a very strong position
against the "forgive-and-forget" approach with violent child crime.
Link added here June 22, 1999.

May 1999 New Stuff

Philadelphia Site for Working with Kids
Project site for Dear Habermas - got separated from the project.
Link added May 29, 1999.

Tavis Smiley's Gangs and Clique's
Patrice Johnson's contribution to our discussion on Gangs, Race, and Class.
(See lecture notes 8 for earlier discussion.)
Link added May 23, 1999.

Assisting Victims of Campus Crime
External Link to National Criminal Justice Association, added May 23, 1999
Scroll down for report of study in progress.

Freedom and the Muslim Scarf On site link.
Review of a New York Times article by Stephen Kinzer, May 12, 1999,
"Musings on Freedom, by Wearer of Muslim Scarf" External Link
If you have not registered at the NY Times Site, you might need to do so. It is free.
Link added May 12, 1999.

Books to Share with Young People: Reviews and Ideas
Links added May 7, 1999. New reviews added on May 8, 1999.

Review of Paul Beatty's The White Boy Shuffle,
with references to juvenile justice theory we've discussed.
Link added May 9, 1999.

Can the Arts Really Make a Difference with At Risk Youth?
Use this as an academic reference for your projects
to engage the KIDS on our site and in our community.
See also How to start an arts program for our youth
And also Janet Reno's statement (academic reference)
, then visit the whole site: Americans for the Arts
Links added May 7, 1999.

Topics for Discussion on Race and Cultural Effects on Juvenile Delinquency
Exercise 8 (Required Exercise) - Link added May 7, 1999.

  • Apperceptive Mass
    More information on apperceptive mass from Curran and Takata's Women's Difference; Women's Prize
    Link added on Mar. 3, 1999. More to follow.

    Review exercise up in next day or so on Measuring Juvenile Delinquency - pp. 21-53 of Reader. Also GANGS, p. 93. Skim these readings. The lecture notes will help you zero in on the major concepts about which I am concerned. jeanne

    Request for discussions took precedence. I'll go back to measurement once we've had a chance to exchange perceptions on some of the chosen issues. jeanne

    Link National Center on Institutions and Alternatives: Making a Difference through Innovation in Justice
    Check out the quiz on American criminal justice.
    Check out also Juvenile Justice: Facts vs. Anger, by Jerome G. Miller, D.S.W.,
    (Printed in the New York Times August 15, 1998)- free on site. Note that Dr. Miller is a social worker!
    There are many ways to practice criminal justice. Link added March 22, 1999.

    Link An Urban Ethnography of Latino Street: Gangs in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties - A Process Text
    Francine Garcia-Hallcom, Professor, Cal. State University Northridge
    Link added on March 21, 1999.
    Table of Contents for:
    An Urban Ethnography of Latino Street: Gangs in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties

    Link Why Habermas? Who Is Habermas?
    Why DH Considers Habermas Post-Modern
    Link "I Don't Count as Diversity"


    Exercise 1. "The Stubborn Child"
    Exercise2. Identity Formation and Institutional Racism
    Exercise 3: Status Offenses and Privileging Unstated Assumptions

    Lecture Notes Corresponding to Exercises

    Exercise 1: "The Stubborn Child"
    Exercise 2. Identity Formation and Institutional Racism
    Exercise 3: Status Offenses and Privileging Unstated Assumptions

    Exercise Topics Waiting to Be Situated in the Topics List
    These are probably not their final, official numbers.

    Exercise x4: Restorative Justice in Juvenile Delinquency
    Lecture Notes on Exercise x5: Glueck and Glueck
    Quick Notes on Concepts from the Girl Gangs text
    Lecture Notes on Exercise x6: 1988 Reanalysis of Glueck and Glueck
    Lecture Notes on Exercisex7: Interpretation of Findings
    Lecture Notes on Exercise 8: Class Discussions on Race and Cultural Factors in Juvenile Delinquency

    Sample E-Mails with Jeanne's Comments:

    Child Savers Exercise
    Second Example of Child Savers Exercise

    Important Reading Assignments:

    Evaluating Web Resources
    Also available as "Teaching Tools for Evaluating World wide Web
    Resources" in Teaching Sociology, Vol. 27, 1999.
    This article is for teachers sharing with teachers how to improve
    your skills in evaluating sources. Don't wait for us.
    Use this information now. Link added on February 12, 1999.

    Syllabus for Juvenile Delinquency, Spring 1999



    Links to a variety of law-related sites. Provided by the ABA.

    Critical Criminology

    Critical Criminology


    Review of Violence Literature Related to Juvenile Violence

    Government Sites

    NCJRS - Juvenile Justice - Gangs
    Major Resource - Download as ASCII Text File or Adobe Acrobat File
    ABA Criminal Justice Section: Juvenile Justice
    Another must see site. The Federal Bureau of Investigations
    FBI Statement to Senate on Violent Street Gangs Statement online.
    Uniform Crime Reports
    National Center for Juvenile Justice
    Justice Information Center (NIJ)

    Restorative Justice

    "Restorative Justice Interventions for Juvenile Offenders:
    A Research Agenda for the Next Decade" by Mara F. Schiff

    in Western Criminology Review. You can access the review and the article online.

    From the Left

    Mother Jones Magazine WebPage

    From Other Countries

    Juvenile Delinquency in Sweden
    Canadian Criminal Justice Resource Page
    Access to Justice Network, Canada
    Canadian Statistics on Crime
    The New Zealand Police Youth Education Services
    No Bully Web Site New Zealand

    Indigenous Peoples

    Aboriginal Youth Net
    Aboriginal Links - Canada and U.S.
    Indain Child Welfare Act

    Drug and Alcohol Usage and Abuse

    "What Can We Expect from Treatment of Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Abuse?"
    by Stanton Peele, Ph.D. The flavor of the article is caught in this quote:
    "an understanding of substance abuse requires an awareness of individual motivation
    and of the person's social circumstances". This article can be found on
    the Stanton Peele Addiction Website. This link added here on February 6, 1999.

    Recommended by Stanton Peele, offered as a balance to War on Drugs.
    Here's chance to see a spectrum of thought on the drug issues. Link added here on February 6, 1999.

    Module on Youth Drug Abuse
    Drug Related Pages
    Drug Links followed from one of Doug Martin's Site.
    National Clearinghouse on Alcohol and Drug Information

    Racism, Sexism, Class, and Age

    Race and Racism in American Law

    Conservative Perspectives (jeanne's judgment - you may disagree

    T. Markus Funk's Views Online
    I called this site conservative because it opposes the expunging of juvenile records.
    It makes some good points, but it sees the youth as the problem.
    But that's a superficial reading. I didn't get to spend a lot of time on it.

    Youth Culture

    Violence in Schools from Natonal Center for Educational
    Statistics(NCES). Online article and tables.
    Indicators of School Crime and Safety, 1998 NCES Report taken from Bureau of Justice Statistics.
    ERIC Index on School Safety
    Documents online. School Violence An ERIC document.
    Whole document and references online.
    Teen Challenge Singapore
    Third Generation Street Gangs: Turf, Cartels and NetWarriors
    Only intro is online, but you should visit library to see whole article.

    Domestic Violence

    Personal Stories of Surviving Violence
    The Family Violence Prevention Fund

    Links to Criminology and Criminal Justice

    Western Criminology Review
    Online journal. Roam and read.
    Sonoma State also supplies the Crime, Law, and Related Links.
    Crime, Law, and Related Links on the Web
    Good guide to finding stuff.
    Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Links
    But the spider gives me the creeps, and it's as frenetic as our worm.
    Cornell Law School Site Access to Supreme Court Reports
    FINDLAW Index of Government Sites
    Criminal Justice Web Registry Office of International Criminal Justice
    You can't access these links, but the Registry gives you the information to head for the library.
    Bibliography on "Gangs"Am. Assoc. of Univ. Presses
    Includes some classics, and one work on grafitti art.

    Links to Courses in Other Schools

    Doug Martin's Deviance Course at Northwest Missouri State University

    Links to Sociology Associations

    Pacific Sociological Association
    The American Sociological Association