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Created: June 29, 2004
Latest Update: June29, 2004

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Increasingly, job descriptions aren't what they used to be. Where once there was no job for stewarding the ecology of our local areas, we are beginning to train volunteers. That's experience, folks. You can use that experience in a resume both to show your spirit of returning something to the community through volunteering, and through the expertise you gain through getting the job done.

No, we're probably not hiring stewards just now. But I'll bet somebody is hiring the people to train them. Jobs!

Education Happenings: First Habitat Stewards Trained in Los Angeles
The first-ever group of Habitat Stewards volunteers was trained this past spring in Los Angeles. A variety of youth and adult volunteers representing various environmental and community organizations--including the Los Angeles Conservation Corps -- EcoAcademy (LACC), Baldwin Hills Conservancy, Esperanza Community Housing Corporation (ECHC), the Expo Neighbors Environmental Group, and Earth Systems Science, Inc. (ESSI)--took part in the event.

Participants learned about essential gardening for wildlife concepts, including how to attract birds, insects, and other animals to gardens; how to create water sources; basic soil testing, conserving water conservation, and other sustainable landscaping practices. They also learned about site surveying, preparation, and planting as well as NWF resources, including the online field guide, Nicole Fernandes, NWF's assistant coordinator for regional education, presented on the Backyard Wildlife Habitat program, while Stephanie Stowell, senior manager for regional education, presented on the Schoolyard Habitats program.

Participants put their newly acquired skills into practice at ECHC's Mercado La Paloma site, where they conducted a site inventory, assessing existing vegetation and other features. ECHC's wildlife garden is currently being established with the help of the surrounding community. New volunteers also conducted a Schoolyard Habitats inventory at LACC's EcoAcademy, an innovative high school for young people who have not found success in the traditional educational system. The academy teaches environmental stewardship through work-study projects and a unique five-part curriculum. Students plan on creating a butterfly Schoolyard Habitats garden in front of their school as part of a school-wide project.

All of the skills learned in the workshop will be used by the Habitat Stewards when they assist their fellow community members in establishing or restoring wildlife habitats in homes, businesses, places of worship, schools and other community places. Since Los Angeles has the least amount of green and open space of any metropolitan area in the country, they should provide a much needed service in their respective communities.

Another Habitat Stewards training is being planned for Los Angeles this fall. If you are interested in participating in this training or obtaining assistance from a Habitat Steward in creating your wildlife habitat, please contact Nicole Fernandes at">

From the Western Sage Newsletter of WWF, Tuesday, June 29, 2004."

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