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Created: October 11, 2000
Reviewed: August 21, 2002
Latest update: June 27, 2004
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    Added June 27, 2004.

  • American Sociology Association Report on the the State of Sociology Lots of tables for you to read, so you'll be in practice by Fall.
  • Money Available at Various Schools for Ph.D. programs. Tells you a little about how much money is available for graduate study and where. But minimal detail. Note identification of data sources.
  • Employment Record for Ph.D. Sociologists through 2001 Tells you that we're doing better than other social scientist groups, neck and neck with psychology. But you need to know a lot more about what jobs these are.
  • Notice that the ASA offers you a paragraph of interpretation with each Table. But I don't think this helps a lot with career planning. What questions would you like to ask? What data would you like to see? Would you like to offer this as a Shared Reading Session project?

      Older entries:

    • What would I have to know to do that? "That" being get a job in the field of paychoanalytic analysis. Shows you how to use Web sources to figure out what you need to include in your learning to qualify for a variety of jobs in the future. Link added August 21, 2002.

    • Department of Sociology, Fullerton Link on Undergraduate concentrations. The sociology track in management has disappeared since August 17, 2002. Could we explain that? Do you think that is true of other departments of sociology? What would that mean to your job search? career opportunities? May I sugest such a search for a shared reading project? Although we haven't defined a special track in our Sociology Department, if you look carefully at the combination of courses, you'll find that you could choose similar courses here at Dominguez. Choose an instructor who works with the community to help you orient your field work and studies.

      Rest of this file not yet updated. jeanne. August 17, 2002.

    • Jobs in Youth Development
    • Minneapolic, Minn. At Search Institute. Link added October 14, 2000. Positions presently open until October 31or until adequate pool of candidates.

      "Search Institute is an independent, nonsectarian, nonprofit organization that advances the well-being of children and adolescents through scientific research, evaluation, consultation, training, and the development of practical resources."

      See also Research Staff at Search Institute for an idea of the degrees and qualifications preferred.

      From the June 27, issue:

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