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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: Somewhere in 1998
Latest update August 9, 2001

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Restructured Links - July 2001

  • Fun Stuff

    • The Hampster Dance
      All .

      Takes a while to load because of interactive program. This is a delightful website. The advertising gets in the way, but you can scroll away from it. Be sure to click on Control the Hamsters! Then you can move the individual hamsters all over the page. Explore the whole site.

  • Math game to refresh your decimals and fractions. The squares change every time you play the game. Good practice with decimals and fractions, and good training in remembering what's behind the covered squares. I finally got down to only needing to uncover squares 16 times to win and see the whole picture. That was down from 22. How well can you do? jeanne

  • The Hole Truth A Think Quest Site on Louis Sachar's Holes. Holes is one of the alternate books you may choose to read.

  • Stories and Coloring Pages

    • The Goblin . . . Disappeared!
      Young .

      With coloring page. Larger type, and a simple click to look up humungous in the Merriam-Webster online dictionary.

    • The Farmer and the Snake: An Aesop Fable
      Middle and Up

      This Aesop Fable is fun to read. There are pictures to draw and color, pictures in which we do not have to color within the lines. And then there is social justice to discuss, and many related links.

    MiddleAn Aesop Fable

  • John Long's site on Aesop Fables

  • Galerie des Enfants - Les Fables de la Fontaine More on this up soon!

  • Merlyn's Pen
    A publishing site for teens.
    Middle, Teens

  • The Hole Truth A think Quest Site on Louis Sachar's Holes.
    Middle, Teens

  • A bullying exercise from the Hole Truth. Check out the site links.

  • Natural Science

    • Seeds of Life

      By Francoise Brenckmann. Delightful and well illustrated botany site. Informative.
      Link added June 25, 1999. Server down, July 16, 2000.

      PBS Site giving some of same material. But link for Seeds of Life not working there either. July 16, 2001. CSF links on seeds

      More on botany for KIDS. Added July 16, 2001. Seeds of Life down here, too.

    • Otters and Butterflies
      Young. A U.K. site for young school children. Photos, animations, information, games, and conservation information. Jokes, and requests for jokes. Link added June 25, 1999.

    • The Albatross Project
      Upper . Wake Forest University
      An on-going project in which you can participate.
      Great science project for your class!
      Link added August 20, 1999.

  • Mathematics
    Middle and Up

  • Foreign Places, Foreign Languages

  • Just for Fun! Chantessy's Page

    • Chantessy's Page in 2001 Chantessy's was the first page linked to from the Kids' Page. It's been years now, and her site continues to grow and to give pleasure. And it's still free!

    • Card Sweets Chantessy's valentine hearts with messages to send to your friends. Free.

    • Chantessy's Slide Puzzles

      Try the Mermaid, in the bottom left-hand corner. jeanne can manage the 2 x 2 version, but got stuck on the 3 x 3. The Mermaid has been there since we first opened our Kids' Page. Pat is addicted! Soothing after a frustrating day.

  • Most of the following links should work. Many have been added fairly recently. As they are checked, we will move them to the new Kids' Index and to the Topic List.
    jeanne, July 16, 2000.


    Student Sites from Florida Kingsway School

    Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
    Link added July 18, 1999.

    The Awesome Library

    Ask Jeeves for Kids
    Try asking Jeeves where you can read about Everest. Jeeves will take you to Outside Magazine.
    Link on What's Inside?, under Favorite Places, choose Everest!
    Link added June 18, 1999.

    The Rebellion at Hill's BarThe Gold Rush
    A history site. Looks good. Link added on June 17, 1999.

    A Children's Guide to Discovering Contemporary Art
    The Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego
    Wonderful site with a variety of virtual material for children. Visit!
    Link added on March 21, 1999 Link down on July 16, 2001.

    Help with Homework: California Flowers
    Help with Homework: Fish
    Yinon Bentor"s Periodic Table Site External Site
    He created it when he was in the 8th-9th grades!

    REMINDER! Link kdown July 16, 2001. L.A. Times' Kid's LAUNCH Site - Help with Homework!

    NEWDo's and Don'ts For the Web External Site
    The Winter Holidays Are Coming
    The WORM Crawls On and On and On!!!
    Chantessy's Hearts Mermaid Puzzle Who Is Chantessy?
    The Box of 12 Mints Who Is Elise? Who Are Lauren and Nicky?
    The Little Red Hen
    The Teaching Tolerance Site The L.A. Times KIDS' Site, LAUNCH
    Books, and Ways to Find Them Los Angeles Public Library KIDS' Page

    That's An Ostrich! And is that another worm?
    The Iris! Can You Find Ursus Books' Iris?

    BACK to Dear Habermas Home

    Welcome to all the kids related to, or friends of, the Dear Habermas Site. Our theme is fairness and justice for all, and we spend most of our time on these pages talking about how we can do a better job of making this a better world.

    • We share Stories of WHAT IS fair?

      • We send our own stories to the Site.
      • We write stories together, each adding to the other's ideas

    • We share POEMS and ART.

      • Sometimes our poems are on how we feel about fairness.
      • Sometimes they're just on how we feel.
      • Sometimes our art shows how we feel about justice.
      • Sometimes our art just shows how we feel.

    • We wonder what we can do

      • To make others hear us.
      • To help others hear each other.

    VISIT The Little Red Hen who fears the sky is falling.

    Chantessy's GIFS

    Chantessy GIFS are the hearts at the top of the page, and the bar just above. The blinking colored heart is Chantessy's first animated gif. Chantessy's award-winning site on Geocities led me to discover many of the graphics for the KIDS site, as we await the graphics you are all going to send in for the KIDS' Page.

    Who IS Chantessy?

    Meet Chantessy

    VISIT Chantessy's Page of Fun! Be sure to see her Activity Center, her art work, her links!

    The bar above is one of Chantessy's, as are the hearts at the top of this page. Visit her site! I linked to her art and found myself playing with
    her puzzle of the mermaid
    . Right in the middle of creating our KIDS' page! Hope you have as much fun as I did. (If you get lost on the way to the mermaid puzzle, follow Chantessy's Homepage link to all 47 of her icons. Then look for the icon of her slide puzzles.) Jeanne

    And then visit Chantessy's Mom's Page, Rafi's Place, which is where the violin playing cat can be found. Following Rafi's site, I found this count-down button!

    Click on Soccer and you will find the Fitzweb Site that will let you add your own personalized count-down buttons. Or check out the Year 2000 countdown button on the page with the worm crawling on and on and on . . . Just look at all the fun things you can do if you get your own free Geocities Site! The winking kitty came from Geocities Sites, too, and the butterfly from the Artistic Lady's Site at Geocities.

    If you want to use the graphics that are free for your personal Web page, remember to upload them to your own site, and then to acknowledge them. Graphics artists make this work available so that the Web will be a colorful, exciting, animated and musical place. Help them keep it that way. Click on the animated Web button for an essay that explains why you must load the graphics to your own site.

    Animated Web Prestige Button by Chapman Chan on Importance of Acknowledging Graphics

    Brilliant pink, blue, fuchsia butterfly


    Visit also the L.A. Times Summer Program for KIDS Be sure to visit Adventures in Art I had a wonderful time with the Metropolitan Museum's Art Game, Level 1, offered, I presume for the youngest and/or least sophisticated. Maybe this would be a good alternative to one more cup of coffee this summer!

    Anyone recognize our background? There is a textual pattern on the KIDS' Site and on Dear Habermas. As we restructured the site, I lost track of the backgrounds. I believe these two may have come from a Geocities Site that requests acknowledgment. One of the files uses the designation "ashz," and, as I recall, the "ash" was part of a last name, As soon as the Site is up, I'll go out on the Web and hunt for the source, but if you know what it is, and see this, please e-mail me so I can acknowledge the backgrounds. Jeanne.