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Created August 4, 2001
Latest update: August 4, 2001

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Judicial Temperament

This essay is based on an article by Steve Berry in the Los Angeles Times on Saturday, august 4, 2001, in the California Section: Public Defender, Judge at Odds Over Conduct "Courts: Defense chief is probing his office's problems with the jurist, including refusal to let an attorney leave for his wife's medical emergency."

Judge in LA does not permit public defender to leave when wife has medical emergency. Problems with rigidity and knowingness. The issue of relative moral judgment and where it comes into play. Nozick, Rawls.

definition of judicial temperament by Philadelphia Bar Association Scroll about halfway down file to e. Judicial temperament.

Final Report Of The Judicial Election Evaluations Committee Of The Los Angeles County Bar Association:

"( 6) Judicial temperament, including whether the candidate would be courteous and considerate of counsel, parties, witnesses and jurors, and whether the candidate is even-tempered;"

Interviewon "judicial temperament with Thelton Henderson, Jr., Judge, U.S. District Court, San Francisco.

Removing politics from judicial selection by Thomas L. Jipping, March 28, 2001. Right perspective on judicial temperament:

"Since the late 1970s, the ABA's own published evaluation criteria have said that a candidate's political views can in fact be considered to see whether they affect so-called judicial temperament. That's a smokescreen and everyone knows it."

The Judicial Selection Monitoring Process (JSMP) Right-wing perspective.

Center for Law and Democracy Right-wing perspective.