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Fair Is Fair Who Are Lauren and Nicky?

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Fair Is Fair

by Lauren

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Who Are Lauren and Nicky?

Lauren is a young artist who has been trying for over a week to send us her drawings on fairness over the Internet. We got a part of one. Nicky is her sister. Nicky has also been trying to send her drawing for the KIDS' Page. But Jeanne is just starting to learn Paint Shop Pro. Be patient. The drawings of Lauren and Nicky will be up soon.

Dear Habermas particularly liked the grouping of the figures in Lauren's drawing. Unfortunately, Jeanne chopped half of them off, quite accidentally. We're sure that Lauren and Nicky will resend their files. And then we'll get it straight.

Would you like to share your reactions to this small piece of Lauren's drawing?

Faculty on the Site, and we will share the messages with her.

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