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Lecture Notes from Tuesday, September 27, 2005

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Created: September 28, 2005
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Presentation of theme for Fall 2005 Naked Space Exhibit: Love 1A

We'll start work in jeanne's office on projects for the exhibit.


Review of independent and dependent variables. We did a sample research study.

  • Method: Survey - like a Gallup poll

  • Sample: Members present in statistics class
    Considered extrapolating our results to other sociology classes.

  • Object of study: To determine best way to recruit students for sociology classes.

  • Survey Question: What was the most important reason you took this class?

  • Procedure: Students asked to write their answer on a piece of paper which we intended to collect and record data. To save time, we just asked each person to tell us what they had answered.

    Carlos analyzed the data at the board, using content analysis.

    Content analysis means that we left the answer entirely to the respondent because we wanted to know what students thought. After all, it was students we were interested in recruiting. We didn't want to limit their choices to the perspective we already had. That would have biased the results in terms of our prior expectations. In using content analysis, Carlos recorded the first answer as a category:

    • needed a class
    • teaching requirement
    • heard about teacher
    • required class
    • teaching requirement
    • time
    Second survey: multiple choice approach

    Question: Which of the following would be most important in your choice of an elective sociology class?

    • needed a class
    • teacher
    • topic
    • student recommendations
    • time
    to be continued . . .

    Independent, dependent variable?

    The graph I was talking about is on one of these three files, all of which are for statistics:

    Love 1A

    Topic: Mythos and logos, how they don't replace one another, how you can have spiritual belief that does not have to affect scientific belief. Karen Armstrong reference.

  • mythlogos01.htm
    Your little brother is in cat heaven.

    Helping Professions

  • The use of our gallery projects to stimulate discussion in a local community. Leadership in bringing a community together. Consideration of having a block-group subscription to a newspaper that has a reputation for good journalistic practice. Leadership in organizing grass roots groups.

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