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Created: December 22, 2004
Latest Update: December 22, 2004

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Next phase in Interim Report on Library Quiet: Carly James is pulling together a committee to speak to library administrators about student concerns.

On Tuesday, December 21, 2004, Carly posted to transform_dom in Message No. 2429:


I'm hoping for a little help from my fellow students. I'm trying to establish a quieter library and am planning on contacting our dean of the library soon. I was hoping if you have had a bad experience at the library you could post it on transform. The more feedback and more experiences we can show, I believe the better results. Darcy, please contact me and let me know when a good time will be for you to meet up with the dean. Anybody else interested in coming with, the more the merrier. Until then happy holidays and happiness being sent your way.


On Wednesday, December 22, 2004, jeanne responded in Message 2431:

Carly, On the website current issues you'll find under jeanne's lectures the file for library01.htm, where I collected all the messages that had come in on library issues.

Transforming Dominant Discourse on Library Quiet

I didn't send a copy of that file yet to Jo Ellen Davis and the library dean. No time with learning records. So you can just use if for your meeting, or to send ahead, or whatever.

Then this morning I continued the Interim Report by adding Establishing Governance Discourse for Library Etiquette Ultimately, as we add these files, they'll form our Interim Report on Transforming Dominant Discourse in Our Own Library. Consider that next semester we'll need to get lots of flyers all over the campus to let students know and to give them a sense of empowerment in the process. Remeber the flyer worked. So did the Respect Table.

Good luck, and keep us all informed. jeanne

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