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Created: February 1, 2002
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When should I send to listserv?
And when to individuals?

Copyright: Jeanne Curran and Susan R. Takata and Individaul Authors, January 2002.
"Fair use" encouraged.

Mac wrote a response to my juvdel01.htm file. I posted it to empower01, and linked it from empower.htm, the empowerment index. Now that means we can all find that stuff more easily. BUT that takes time. Eventually I hope to clean up the whole site that way. Meanwhile, I don't want our work held up waiting for me to post things. That's why we use the listserv.

Notice that I sent this to . That means that each of you on the listserv got a copy of the message, and all I had to do was address it that way. If Mac had sent her response on juvdel01 to you would have each gotten a copy, and you wouldn't have needed to wait for me to put it up. Some of you could have added a paragraph about your own experiences in learning that you are empowered by academic discourse. Then I could have posted those along with Mac's response.

If you send the message to you don't have to send an extra copy to me. I'm on the listserv, too. And I'm trying to archive the messages so you won't even have to save them. You'll just go to the archive if you want to find an old message.

Remember, when you send the message to it goes to the whole project group. So, if you want to send a message to just one or two or three of us, you can still just send it directly to the individuals. If you mean to write to Henry and Mary that Delia is a jerk, and you send it to, we'll all get it, and it just might be automatically posted to the archives. Not cool. Be sure to send that message to Henry and Mary at their own e-mail addresses. If Delia's in the project group, that's even more important! If you send it to, she'll get it, too!

Just uploaded: a new topics index file. This is how I'm planning to organize the site. It's at I don't have the new current issue finished yet. but will try to get it done soon. Meanwhile, use the daily site additions to see what's new:

Letters to my students is an important new index. This is the archive of our discussions on learning and teaching as we explore the alternatives open to us.

love and peace, jeanne