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Law and Social Change Preparations
Spring 2004

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Site Teaching Modules CRMJ 352: Law and Social Change
You will be held accountable for purposes of grading for the readings and exercises listed here. There will be no "testing." That means that you will not have to live in anxious anticipation of what we will ask and how much you will have to know. Instead, we will provide weekly discussion questions, lectures, essays, and concepts we feel that you should know as a result of having taken this course. You will assure us of that learning and receive your grade for the questions and concepts about which you choose to write and talk with us. In addition you will find detailed explanations and examples on our grading policies in the first week's reading.

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Week 14: Week of April 18, 2004

    Topic:Postmodern Feminist Criminology and Euro Americans

    Preparatory Readings:

    • Special Note: The Final Absolute Deadline to submit all course related materials is Friday, April 23rd, 10 a.m. central time. After this deadline, new materials, email dialogues, etc. will not be accepted.
    • Arrigo. Social Justice, Criminal Justice - Chapter 6 .
    • Mann and Zatz. Images of Color, Images of Crime -- Chapters 6, 11, 16 and 21.

    Lecture related links:

    Concepts/individuals to be covered:

    • postmodern
    • storytelling
    • difference
    • subjectivity/objectivity
    • white privilege
    • psychology of white criminals
    • institutionalized white supremacism
    • social bandits

    Discussion Questions:

    1. How do feminism and postmodernism differ from one another? (from Arrigo, p. 126, Q.1).

    2. Why is equality a problematic concept for feminist and postmodern scholars, and how do they propose to alter the law to address these problems? (Arrigo, p. 126, Q.8).

    3. What are some of the consequences of the media's treatment of whiteness and crime? How do the media contribute to the perpetuation of racial inequality in the United States? (M&Z).

    4. In what ways do privileged white offenders avoid the criminal justice treatment described by the author?List examples of white privilege in crime (M&Z).

    5. How do politicians contribute to the racial discrimination described by the author? (M&Z).

    6. Are there any social bandits today? If so, who? Why.

    Suggested Creative Measures:

    • Explore and examine the concept of "white privilege." What are the unstated assumptions behind the concept?
    • How does the mass media portray white criminals? Why.
    • Read one of the recommended books listed below on Euro Americans. Email me a brief book review.

    Recommended Readings:

    • Jerome Miller. Search and Destroy African American Men in the Criminal Justice System.
    • Richard Maxwell Brown. Strain of Violence: Historical Studies of American Violence and Vigilantism.
    • David Wellman. Portraits of White Racism.
    • Robert Blauner. Black Lives, White Lives.

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