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Created: April 26, 2006
Latest Update: April 26, 2006

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Audubon Magazine's request to President Bush to protect our environment:January-February issue:

Backup of J'. Buck's advise to resident Bush on the environment Audubon Magazine Website,


Discussion Questions

  1. What have we learned in visual sociology that suggests tha J. Buck's suggestion will have an effect, with President Bush or with us?

    Consider the persuasive effect of offering something beautiful, and assuming that the Other will share the joy of that beauty. We have then found a common ground to begin to talk about the important issue of ecology.


  • Advice to our President on Environment Audubon Magazine's Website. Here's a beautiful way to begin an illocutionar discourse on a major social issue.

  • The Monster Lives! For centuries the seldom-seen giant squid has fascinated and terrified humans. In 1555 the Swedish cleric Olaus Magnus described it as a “monstrous fish” of “horrible forms with huge eyes,” and warned that “one of these Sea-Monsters will drown easily many great ships.” Its fearsome reputation was cemented in Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Recently, though, the real thing was caught up close on camera for the first time by Japanese scientists. It turns out that the massive creature, a relative of the octopus, is not to be tangled with. The modern-day squid chasers collected more than 550 photographs by dangling a baited hook and digital camera almost 3,000 feet into the inky depths of the Pacific Ocean off the Ogasawara Islands. When the 26-foot behemoth with eyes as big as hubcaps attacked the bait, its tentacles coiled up like a constricting python. After a four-hour struggle, one of the squid's tentacles broke off, freeing it to return to the ocean's deepest and darkest recesses. —Todd Neale The Monster Lives


  • Legendary Monster of the Deep Is Captured on Film By WILLIAM J. BROAD Published: September 28, 2005. NYT.

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