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Variation on an Uche Okeke work on paper,

Variation on an Uche Okeke Work on Paper

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: April 29, 2006
Latest Update: April 29, 2006

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  • Okeke's Work on Paper

    Work on Paper by Uche Okeke, an Modernist Nigerian Artist. The variation above was created by introducing blocks of mono-color.

    "Explore the development of modernism in Nigerian art through the work of Uche Okeke, one of the countryís foremost artists. Influenced by cultural traditions of his Igbo homeland, Okeke created a distinctly modern visual language in the context of a newly independent Nigeria. This exhibition brings together 30 works on paper, many never before seen outside of Africa, offering an intimate look at the artistís creative development from the late 1950s to the early 1970s."

    From the Newark Musuem Introduction to the Exhibit: Another Modernity: works on Paper by Uche Okeke, February 1 through July 20, 2006.

  • The Polka Dotted Parrot

    Parrot modelled after a blue-crowned parrot from, The Smithsonian zoo. I'm not proud, and I never really knew a parrot. Of course, this one could hardly be called blue-crowned. jeanne

    "Hello, hello!
    I'm a polka-dotted parrot. Who are you?"

  • Durer's Rhinoceros

    I'm a rhinoceros, at least Durer thought I was.


    Discussion Questions

    1. What do you think Okeke's work on paper represents, if anything?

      Could you make up a story to be illustrated by his work on paper? Once upon a time . . .

      His original, plus the monochromatic color, which is all my software would let me use, makes me think:

      Once upon a time there was a hero warrior named Okeke. He wore wonderful armour made of . . . and accomplished many heroic feats. One day a Samurai warrior came to Nigeria. Okeke and the Samurai stood silently before one another . . .

      You go on . . . or write a story of your own.

    2. Can you imagine how the parrot got his polka dots?

    3. Does Okeke's Nigerian warrior hero have polka dots? If you think he does, how do you suppose he got them?

    4. Merhaba is Turkish. What do you think it means?


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