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Instructions for Model Book Mark on Satellite Views

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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: April 19, 2006
Latest Update: April 19, 2006

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Index of Topics on Site Instructions for Model Book Mark on Satellite Views

My viewing of materials on the total eclipse led me into viewing satellite images. It occurred to me that few of us really knew what satellite images look like. A book mark might be a good way to share such beauty with friends and strangers and neighbors and Others.


Structural Elements


  • A satellite image, enhanced by colors you wish, adhesive backing.
  • An image for the back of the book mark, adhesive backing.
  • A sticker identifying these as Dundee Satellite images. They let us use them. Return the favor.
  • And you may want to stamp backgrounds or embellishments of your own.
  • A sticker identifying your school program, adhesive backing.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why would sociologists, or even just ordinary folks, care about satellite images?

    The more we know about what our governments are funding and why, the more we understand about the beauty and complexity of space, the more likely we are to understand environmental issues in ways that will guide us in governance. If I haven't any idea of what a satellite image looks like, or what good it is, how will I be able to make a common sense decision about how much of our resources should be spent on those satellites? That's a part of our general education, what used to be called a "liberal arts education."

  2. How can cards or bookmarks or any of our flower gifts change students' interest in science?

    When you've only met science through text books, and through study, some of which didn't make sense to you, there's no reason you are likely to think of science as a career. But when you've met science through many of its most exciting results, you just might get hooked. How many of you pore of satellite pictures and wonder about them, and about the careers that might pay you well to study satellite pictures? A part of education is discovering those intriguing results. You'd be surprised how easy math and science can be when you really want to know the answer, and see ways to answer some of the questions you've begun to ask.

  3. Why would flower gifts make sense in motivating students to study science?

    Flower gifts are not about tests; they're not about studying. They're about the wonders of science and people who are willing to help you discover those wonders. The "No Child Left Behind" program doesn't leave any time for developing these wonder and the curiosity that discovers them.


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