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Marx and Sustainability

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Progress and Its Sustainability "John McCarthy's main page concerns computer science, especially artificial intelligence. I am a professor of computer science at Stanford University and this web site is a spare time activity that I hope will do some good."

I found this to be a delightful site. Granted, I'm interested in artificial intelligence, but I liked his short paraphrasings of Marxism, too: Marxism

Now, if you were making a similar summary of your notes for me to put up on the site, I'd fuss at the fact that there are no citations given. How much more useful it would have been for you to have the work and the page numbers that would provide academic sources for the material. Now you can say that Professor Emeritus John McCarthy says "x." But I'd rather cite the work of Marx, wouldn't you? then you could just put John McCarthy in your references or bibliography.

I still recall the dismay of a student who had not noted any such citations when she read for her thesis. She was profoundly upset by having to go back to the library and find all the books again, to look up the pages on which these ideas were expressed. Cite pages, even when you're not quoting! That makes it possible for your reader to reassess your notes.