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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: September 5, 2005
Latest Update: September 5, 2005

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Index of Topics on Site An Accidental Excursion to the Barnes and Matisse

As I uploaded the issue for the Week of September 4, 2005, this Monday after the catastrophic Katrina hurricane and its destruction of New Orleans, I realized that I had painted New Orleans Lost in anger and frustration and mourning, causing the ghosts of its victims to rise above the devastated city of my youth.

Now, days later, I can gain some perspective on a more loving investment in this scene. I wanted to add Matisse dancers in a ring over the devastated city. So I went on a search for Matisse's dancers, and along the way found a wonderful piece on Matisse by a student at Bryn Mawr.

More later, jeanne

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