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Moot Court

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Created: June 6, 2001
Latest update: February 1, 2002

Moot Court
Week of January 28, 2002: Week 1, Spring 2002

  • Online Readings:

  • Concepts for Conceptual Linking:

    • compromise
    • consensus
    • dominant discourse
    • methods of attitude change and persuasion
    • shaming
    • communitarian societies

  • Some Suggested Measures of Learning:

    1. Evgeni's question poses issues of commitment to the good of the social group and to special interests. Consider where these issues matter in the East-West confrontation going on today.

      Relate the Muslim orientation to equality and social justice to the issue of good of the group and special interests. How does the Muslim tradition of not including figurative art in religious art fit into this tension?

    2. Relate the tension between social good and individual interests to the sociological conept of ascribed and achieved status. Consider that humans seem to need an effective balance of ascribed and achieved status. In which direction does the East? the West? move away from this balance?

    3. How does the concept of restorative justice fit into this discussion? And shaming? If one feels angry over the limits imposed by an exploitative society, how much more angry would it make us to be "shamed?" How does "shaming" purport to work? Is there a problem with our explaining these terms simplistically? Is there a way to use the concept of restorative justice to introduce compexity and depth of understanding to criminological theories across the board?