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Created: October 7, 2002
Latest Update: October 7, 2002

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Site Teaching Modules Practice Module on Religion, Eschatology, and the End of Days

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  1. Preparatory readings for module.

  2. Discussion questions.

    1. What is the mathematical model assumed in the Jerry Falwell message about Israel and the Palestinians, according to the report from a member of Mothers for Peace?

      Consider male/female a mathematical model for gender. And consider how well that model works to describe the reality of gender.

    2. Does Jerry Falwell's purported description of Mohammed as a terrorist come from an illocutionary discussion with Muslims and Christians?

      Consider how Jerry Falwell says he knows the facts that led to this conclusion. Is Jerry Falwell suggesting that we need to engage in illocutionary discussions?

    3. Does consideration of this information as it purportedly came over TV merit academic consideration?

      Consider the relationship of religion to the present system of governance in the US. Consider what our constitution dictates. Consider the number of issues on which our various religions take a political stance. Consider what is needed to determine the sources on which the conclusions given are based. Donsider whether public discourse has met its requirements for legitimacy.

  3. Experiential activities related to module.

    1. Talk to your firends. To what extent do their religious beliefs color their view of the politics of the Intifada and of War with Iraq? Share your results with us on the Web or in class or my office.

  4. Self-test questions related to module.

    True or False? And explain briefly why it's true or false. (25 words or less)

    1. Eschatology is a branch of theology that deals with the end of the world.
    2. Eschatology is a branch of sociology that deals with prison.
    3. If I were to report what Jerry Falwell said in an academic report, I could rely on the e-mail in this file.
    4. If I were to report to my friends, I would have to tell them that this was something someone said Jerry Falwell said.
    5. Jerry Falwell said that Mohammed was a terrorist.
    6. All Christian fundamentalists support Israel against Palestine.
    7. Our religious beliefs carry strong affect.
    8. Sound bites tend to support the dominant discourse acceptance of conclusions instead of facts from multiple perspectives.

  5. Conceptual linking we had in mind as we prepared the module.

    • Edward T. Hall's learning and affect
    • Habermas' public discourse on issues of legitimate governance
    • Maria Pia Lara's emphasis on the importance of stories as requisite to illocutionary discussions.
    • The role of education to teach you to choose for yourself and to think for yourself.