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Moot Court, Spring 2002

March Performance

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Created: February 2, 2002
Latest Update: March 1, 2002

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  • Syllabus

  • Reports of Learning

    These are my journal entries on the work that you are sharing with me. If you've been working, and I don't reflect that here, that's a hot clue that you're not getting that information through to me. Start e-mailing me. And for goodness' sakes, be sure you talk to me. And to each other. You need to know each other and each other's arguments well enough to be supportive during our performances.

  • First Performance

    We have barely a month to prepare for this first presentation. Because of the short time-frame, we'll use Building Discourse in the Aftermath, because it's ready to start practicing with. And I've already begun to put up the Social Dilemma of the Enroe Collapse, so perhaps we could include that. I'll be more directive with the Enroe Brief because it will be your learning piece. We will introduce other social issues for the performance here at CSUDH with our justices.

  • Moot Court Weekly Calendar: Who's Where, When?

    Scheduled presence in the two offices. We will post the schedule each week so that we can tell when and where to find each other. This is especially important because we need to allow for flexibility, and I need to know when you are likely to be online. That means that if you're planning to be online, but not in the office, tell us that.