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Moot Court Paper Notes

Final loop: I got lost last night with a simple table, couldn't find error. This morning Susan put up her table from last Spring and adapted it all to new syllabi. From that I was able to locate error in table and update files.

We still don't know what happened to that table. Doesn't matter. Collaboratively, we can fix it, across the country. When I spoke to Susan's husband, Richard, I told him how thrilled I was that she had just taken over the administrative management of her won site, and prompted "Aren't you proud of her?" "Well, yes, he agreed. "No way would I be able to do that." I was really surprised at my response. "Neither can we!"

I'm certainly not a tech. We manage, but we go through back doors and patch things to gether, and experience much frustration. We didn't really take the approved route to building web pages. We did something we find much more exciting: we enabled one another to make web pages interdependent with our teaching! Richard could do what we just did! He just needs to stop thinking of it as something outside our teaching. It's integral. And it's collaborative.

Now that's one joyful adaptation of law school moot court to the world of liberal arts education!