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A Black Statue of Liberty as the Great Enforcer of American Freedom

The Statue of Liberty Policing Democracy. Yes, Black!

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Created: August 16, 2005
Latest Update: August 16, 2005

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The Radically Conservative Picture
OK, two minutes of silence in awe of the names collected at the bottom of the homepage on The New American Century Site. I was led there by a discussion on tranform_dom, Message No. 5550.
Kathleen wrote:

Unfortunately I didn't hear about that group [until] months after 911. I suppose the most horrific part was it was all out in plain sight. The document also takes some time to process but it's a very enlightening moment.

beau wrote: (I love the names at the bottom, as if they wanted not just to trash the constitution but even thumb their nose at the declaration.) in reponse to Kathleen's:

On 8/13/05, Kathleen wrote:

my crystal ball is . . . .pointed at

Nothing profound, just me....

I had never stumbled across the group. I was astonished as I stared at the names. This is an incredible example of how we learn from each other and from our forum, transfer_dom.. I had never taken the time to surf in search of such things. Wow!

And for those of you who didn't get to share our discussion of a Black Statue of Liberty in October of 2003:

Wondering About a Black Statue of Liberty

Read how we offended at least one woman this way: I Am Offended by Your History. See also: Creating and Sharing Memories and Turning Them into Substantive Submissions.

Also available is Coloring sheet of I Am offended by Your History.

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