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Created: May 17, 2005
Latest Update: May 17, 2005

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On May 17, 2005, jeanne received an e-mail from Denice Roberts in reply to jeanne's "Whee! I have e-mail.":

This is so great. I now have proof that I've been on transform_dom. My new message # 4757 is just before yours. Do we meet again before the semester is over? I just can't get over the freedom I feel! This is what true religion is about. To get an answer to a problem that seemed insurmountable, to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who have a mind to reach out and care, to find yourself in an environment where the possibilities are endless is to know that there is a god. Jeanne, you and Pat are angels in disguise. I don't believe that you are aware of the extent to which this forum was needed.Thank you. And to my fellow bloggers, thank you for taking the time to reveal who you are, encourage others to be who they are, and just for recognizing that together we can make a positive difference.

jeanne responded on May 17, 2005:

Denice, that's a beautiful thank you. Teaching is one of the most exciting things in the world when we respect both ourselves and those we teach. After all, shaping the world we live in, making it responsive to our needs and us responsive the the world's needs is what life is all about.

love and peace, jeanne

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