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Created: May 19, 2005
Latest Update: may 19, 2005

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Rosa Ulloa wrote on Thursday, May 19, 2005, in Message No 4854:

Murjani, Sabra and the rest of the future graduates, I would like to say, "CONGRATULATIONSSSSSS and I'm very PROUD of you guys", for making it this far. May GOD bless you and always. BEST WISHES, ROSA

Sabra responded on Thursday, May 19. 2005, in Message No. 4859:

ThankYou Rosa, it means a lot to me coming from you because you were there at the beginig and you are here now ara the end of my journey. I relly appreciate you and all the support yopu have given me over the years and not only as my Boss but as a friend. I look forward toyour day in the future as a graudate too. ' Love Always, Sabra Trevilla

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