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Created: August 26, 2005
Latest Update: August 26, 2005

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On Friday, August 26, I picked up this message from Yahoo messenger:

intheairsunshine: Greetings, Jeanne. It has been several semesters since I have had the pleasure to attend your classes or visit the Dear Habermas site. I am intrigued by your class offering "Love 1A". May I suggest Eric Fromm's The Art of Loving as that speaks of the different types of love ranging from the platonic to the spiritual. It's easy to say you love someone, but to actually love requires growth intellectually and spiritually. The concept of love may also be examined by reading Plato.

jcurranphd: Good idea. It'll have to wait a couple of weeks, as I just got out of surgery. But I think I have Fromm somewhere. Why don't you share some of your thoughts on Fromm over transform_dom and I can put them up. that would help. love and peace, jeanne

intheairsunshine: By the way, I will forever be in your debt. Taking your classes on the advice of my daughter made my semesters in other classes more understandable. As an Eng. major in the Master's program it was you who first exposed me to the various theorists that I would encounter in my classes.

jcurranphd: Thank you. That makes a life of teaching worthwhile. jeanne

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