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Created: October 26, 2003
Latest Update: October 26, 2003

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On Wednesday, October 22, 2003, Linda Ramey, CSUDH, wrote:
Regarding the article written by your "unknown student"...this is great!
The unknown student turned out to be Nancy Lopez, CSUDH. jeanne

It was nice knowing that another student had similar feelings and doubts as I do, and had the ability to articulate her feelings about them. I must agree with her. As this semester passes, and I continue digesting this wealth of information on your web site, I too am learning in a way that I have never had the opportunity to explore. How refreshing, but frightening, it is to have this sense of freedom in learning. I find that through out the day I reflect on, and relate to, our discussions in class and the information on your site; weather it be with my interactions at work, home, or even in my car driving! I do experience fear though. Fear of perhaps not understanding your instructions entirely and not making the "grade". As the semester passes though, my confidence grows, as does my knowledge.

Thank you for this opportunity to learn with such freedom.
Linda Ramey

PS. I forgot to add how much I look forward to our meetings and discussions in class...I don't feel the dread of another evening class and the drudgery associated with those classes. Yours, ours, is a stimulating and interesting class and I'm learning to "connect the dots" so to say, by relating our subject being studied or discussed, to actual occurrences we are experiencing in our society and our lives at that time.

Thank You!

Thank you, Linda, for being willing to trust enough to let go of the normative expectations and try out a new memory space with alternative ways of knowing gleaned from our fractal experiences. Now, that's Steve Riskin's explanatory theory, as I understand it. But it seems to make a lot of sense to me as I hear what you and Nancy Lopez are saying. Steve says that that's how children learn language, by putting the many fractal bits of language together from separate fractal patterns and bringing them into a memory space we leave open almost like a blackborad to pour them out on. There, in that previously empty memory space is where Steve sees us as being able to create new language, new perspectives, as being able to recreate our world.

Nice to know, isn't it, that our many professors are busy thinking these practices through so we can find and practice such alternatives to the rigid linearity of traditional learning space? jeanne