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Fees and Cashier Problems

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Created: December 14, 2004
Latest Update: December 14, 2004

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Tackling Problems that Occur in the System at School
Right in the middle of trying to put up all the learning records, the cries at dominant discourse not listening to us are still coming through. So I decided to set up an ombudsman file series, where we could keep track of all this, and find some way to empower ourselves to make it better.

First one that grabbed my attention was Darcy Alsop:

On Monday, December 13, Darcy Alsop wrote in Message 2185:

OK so here's something I'm dealing with that I just have to bitch about. I am waiting on my refund for registration for spring classes. I initially registered for full time but LITERALLY changed to part time 5 MINUTES LATER (in fact this was the day of the respect table). Anyway, because I paid for the full time fees, CSUDH will not automatically refund ANY STUDENTS money unless requested in writing. I found this out when I went to the cashiers office and they told me to talk to my bank about it. They also submitted a request to the accounting department. I finally heard from a rep today that said she'd emailed me on Dec. 6th regarding the matter. I never received the email so of course I didn't respond. She called me today to ask why I hadn't. I told her I didn't get the email and so she said she'd send it again. It never came through so we finally talked at around 5:30 this evening when she gave me her email address so that I could request my refund. Now she also said that I needed to write that I wouldn't be re-registering or adding or dropping again. What kind of bullshit is that? It's my money and yet the school was going to hold onto it until a formal request was made! And then she told me that CSUDH doesn't refund anyone's fees until the entire registration period is over and asked if I could imagine all the transactions and confusion. I replied, "yes, I can". I mean, I was in accounting for 6 1/2 years. How pathetic must that department be if they can't track the fees and refunds at this school? Argh! It's so frustrating!!! Oh and my credit card company told me that you must receive a refund within 30 days from the person taking the credit or a claim can be filed against them. CSUDH says they take 4-6 weeks to process your request. Does that make sense? I don't think so. She also told me that if I filed a claim, it would take much longer to get my money back. Such crap....IT'S MY MONEY!!!!!!!!

On Tuesday, December 14, jeanne responded:

Ok. I'll set up an ombusdman file for what's wrong at CSUDH. Now that you've got the anger and frustration out, what's the next step. I think I need to phone George Pardon's office and get some in depth information. I never dealt with this topic in all my 30 years here. Then, once we know what's up, we'll figure out how to proceed. Meanwhile, your classmates are responding. jeanne

The first thing I did was to call the office of the Vice President of Administration and Finance. I knew they wouldn't be involved at that level, but they were able to tell me who was in charge of the situation: Bryan Dahm. I called him at that extension, which he answered personally. I would have preferred a secretary, but I left him a message anyway. Now, Darcy, you could call him and ask the questions. If you do, please let us know what the answers are. These are important issues, and we should know what the policies are.

Then I went back to pick up others' comments:

On Monday, December 13, Angelique Hawley wrote in Message No.2190:

-Wow! another case of you must wait until things are straight for me!

On Monday, December 13, Yvette Juarez wrote in Message 2191:

I totally agree with you. let me tell you what happend this summer. I was away on a trip in vegas so I registered for summer school. fine. then I payed with my atm debit card. fine. one week before school was going to start I dropped the class, and I went to the cashier's office to ask would i get a full refund. the lady said yes, because I dropped out before the due date. Fine. 3 weeks went by, and nothing happend. I checked toro web and it showed they refunded the amount, but only to pay for the semester which is this one, Fall 2004. I was like "what the hell" this is my money. I needed it soon, so I called the cashier's office, and they told me that if I wanted a refund I would only get some of it back and all this. I had to read the fine print in the catalog. I was like screw you. I called one of my friends in the admin bulding, and she gave me the page number and where it says that we deserve all the money. So I went down to the cashier's office and wanted my money back. No sooner said than done. I got my money back, and an apology from them. Sometimes I think that I'm tired of being nice to people, and sometimes the people dont take the time to read the fine print, and they dont care because it's our money. You better get all your money back or what you are entittled to because the cashier's office will tell u they charge a late fee and all this bullshit.


On Tuesday, December 14, jeanne responded:

Angelique and Yvette, you are both speaking of a non-learning system, in Habermas' terms. He would say that the system, although set up to crrect itself, is not set up to hear your concern that there is no forum for you to make it aware that it is doing something that harms and angers you. Yvette said she was "tired of being nice to people," but I think she means when those people are so singularly unconcerned with her problems. This is a policy that has to do with respect and illocutionary regulation of rules to fit the people instead of the other way around. We really need to make people aware of this. jeanne

On Tuesday, December 14, Taneisha wrote in Message No. 2208:

Every place has its share of problems but the way CSUDH goes about solving their problems is crazy. I hope everything works out for you.Taneisha A Well, Taneisha, something tells me that the faculty and administrators at CSUDH would like to have enough illocurionary discourse with you that you wouldn't consider us CRAZY in the way we solve our problems. jeanne

On Tuesday, December 14, 2004, Darcy answered in Message No, 2211:

Thanks, I'm sure it will it's just really frustrating. I'm impressed with way you all are providing each other with support. Now all we need is to make a similar connection with the school. jeanne

On Tuesday, December 14, 2004, Irma Peinado added in Message No. 2226:


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