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Papers by Jeanne Curran and Susan R. Takata

Community Social Policy and Inclusion in Public Discourse
Accepted for Presentation at WSSA in 1999.
A Moot Court that Fosters Both Discipline and On Your Feet Risk-Taking
Part of planned presentation at ACJS in 1999.
Identity and Discourse within a Relational Context
Microsoft U: PSA Paper
Presented 1998.
Go to the Web and Do Stuff
Older version of this paper that was never presented. Revised in January 1999, for ASA submission.
Getting to Discourse Across Race
Older version being revised for new presentation and publication.
Grading, Good Faith, and Legitimacy
Children of the Night: A Theoretical Application of Habermas' Communicative Discourse
Partnerships in Web Sites: Elementary, High School and University Writing and Publishing
Presented at International Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico in Spring, 1997.

Download Sites for Books and Manuals

Dear Habermas Download Site Curran and Takata's High Tech, Low Tech, Connected Tech, copyright 1996.

Curran and Takata's Sociology of Law Handbook
Not visible as the page is set up. Scroll down to locate title. These are old versions from first attempts to create Dear Habermas. New download version available soon.

Links to Papers by Others

The Self as a Center of Narrative Gravity
By Dennett Daniel. in F. Kessel, P. Cole and D. Johnson, eds, Self and Consciousness:
Multiple Perspectives, Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum, 1992.
Link added July 14, 1999.

Technology and the Self: From the Essential to the Sublime
by Kenneth Gergen, Chapter draft for Grodin and Lindlof (Eds.)
Constructing the Self in a Mediated World, Sage, 1996.
Link added July 14, 1999.

On Becoming a Person
John Barresi. See particularly, the section, "Narrative Creation of Persons."
Link added July 14, 1999

Rodriguez, Ryave, and Tracewell, "Withholding Compliments in Everyday Life and
the Covert Management of Disaffiliation"

Accepted for publication in the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography. Uploaded January 15, 1999.

Burbules, Nicholas. Burbules' On Site Papers

Fox, N.J. Intertextuality and the Writing of Social Research Volume 1, No. 2, 1995

Riskin, Steve. Dr. Riskin's Papers presented at the Pacific Sociological Association Meetings in April, 1998. On "the Structure of Coming to Knowledge."

Ryder, Martin. The World Wide Web and the Dialectics of Consciousness

Shawver, Lois. Parology

Faculty Policy Review Project. "Facing Change: Building the Faculty of the Future"
(PDF Format - needs Adobe Acrobat Reader. " A joint project between AASCU and other higher education assoications to develop new policy option recommendations on faculty employment policies, faculty development policies and faculty review policies." [NEW] Download the Project's final report (PDF format)

Calls for Papers

Community Social Policy and Inclusion in Public Discourse
Submission for Panel of Papers on Discourse and Community, with a Dear Habermas focus

Registration for Western Social Science Association

Advanced Research Students, please note: Carla, P.J., Cym, Deborah, Stan, et al

Go to the Web and Do Stuff
Interactive Teaching and Narrative Identity

Identity and Discourse within a Relational Context

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