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Created: September 7, 2003
Latest Update: September 7, 2003

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On Friday, September 5, 2003, Srey Vivo wrote:
Hi Dr. Curran

I thought that our discussion on Wednesday went great. The City Water Tunnel gave me a more complex perspective on how the different integrated system can be seen as a fine work of art. It was easy to understand that everyone involved in the community can play a vital role in the progression of society. After reading this piece I see many aspects of the article in many aspects of everyone's lives, for instance the role we play in family and work.
P. S I love your paintings in the website.
Your student,
Srey Vivo

On Sunday, September 7, 2003, jeanne responded:

Thank you, Srey. I'm delighted that you like my paintings. Of course, I'm an artist, and we're terribly egotistical. We like showing off.

I think your conclusion that the City Water Tunnel # 3 is a fine work of art is a good one. But you need to give me a little more detail, so that I can understand why you think so. What did you mean by the "progression of society?" Do you mean that large infrastructures like the water tunnel are necessary and normal to society's ongoing activities? Or were you referring to something else? When you said that everyone can play a vital role, I assumed that you were referring that getting that glass of water to the table is a huge undertaking that takes the efforts of a zillion people, and that Marty is reminding us that we must not forget that interconnection of our community. Is that interpretation accurate?

And finally, could you explain how the "aspects" of Marty's project fit for you into our roles at family and work? Do you mean thatwe often take for granted the major infrastructure workings of our community, both at work and in our families? Or did you mean something else?

Good comment. Needs you to follow through with me now.

love and peace, jeanne