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Jackass Penguins of South Africa

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Created: October 12, 2001
Latest Update: June 26, 2003

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The Jackass Penguins of South Africa

Enchanted offers you many pictures of animals around the world. They print the animal's natural colors on the coloring sheet. They also have a palette you can click on and paint by clicking on the correspondng part of the animal in the picture. And you can print your picture when you're finished. At least it says you can. My printer wasn't working, so I didn't get to print my picture. Guess I'll have to draw and paint one of my own.

Boulders Beach and Jackass Penguins by Andrew File (10) and Adrian Frith (9), Grade 4 at St. Georges Grammar School in Cape Town, South Africa.

I don't know whether these young boys did their own drawing or not, but I'll bet that with the Enchanted Learning illustration of the Jackass Penguin, you could do your own rendition. Notice the many strokes that are visible, as though the artist wanted us to see the energy in those feathers.

Visit Enchanted Learning and discover puffins. Are puffins related to penguins? For the answer link to Poles Apart:Same Play, Different Actors.

Color a puffin.

Look at how drawings of the Jackass Penguin were used as a background for a report on Jackass Penguins by two fourth graders in South Africa:

A Quiz on Looking Carefully

  1. Which penguin has tiny black spots on his/her belly?

  2. Which penguin has this shape on his/her body?
  3. Which penguin has a tail?

Click here for answers.

Animals of Robben Island off Capetown, South Africa

Answers to the Quiz on Looking Carefully:

  1. Golly has a few black spots on her stomach.

  2. Both Molly and Golly have the ushape around their eyes. On Molly the shape is dark inside and white outside. On Golly the shape is white inside, dark outside.

  3. Both Molly and Golly have tails.