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Plagiarism in the
Legitimate World of Academic Discourse

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Latest update:October 23, 1999
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On Plagiarism and Avoiding It

New Tech Plagiarism Check
Guide for professors working with research and theses.
Plagiarism, Authentication and Other Peoples' Papers

The Instructor's Guide to Internet Plagiarism
Sites from which term papers are stolen.
HOT CLUE: This is a guide for INSTRUCTORS.
This site tells us that term papers are about as bad as tests to authenticate
learning and competence, but it also says your teachers can find these sources.
It also admits that most of these are terrible papers.
What the offering of one of these would measure is dishonesty.
Not a skill you're likely to want to authenticate.
Link added on June 19, 1999.

The Copyright Web Site
Link added July 10, 1999.

Copyright Help Sheet
on the site of the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Gives clear explanation,
insofar as that is possible, of "fair use," and of the incorporation
of links from other sites. Link added June 26, 1999.

Fantasy Realm Cherub.  Links to credits on templart.htm#cherub.
Now, really! You can do so much better using
The Writer's Shelf and Scholastic References
Can't locate any means to get free access to even a sample paper.

The Evil House of Cheat
"Get essays in all subjects. No charge.
All essays are with complete descriptions, including grade given when handed in."

This site, CheatHouse did return a password for entry to papers (about 1500, it says, a small sub-set of them all) immediately upon receipt of message that I had provided requested link to their page on my homepage. Other sites demanded that I submit a paper, presumably for their site, to get access..

Hours later, I still have not discovered a single site that will give me a paper free, with no strings attached. Kudos to our students who are smart enough to wend their way through this shell game. In exchange for the link, CheatHouse will allow me some access to papers. Some is all I need. But I don't consider that "free." CheatHouse did offer me a sample of 15 papers, most at intro level, absolutely "free". jeanne, June 20, 1999

I just discovered the cheat sites often have gambling sites advertised.
My, my, my! A new course in criminal justice and social change??? jeanne
June 19, 1999.