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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: April 17, 2000
Latest Update: April 19, 2004
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Index of Poems on Site
The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

Poetry Written for Dear Habermas, Spring 2000

Inner Peace Poem by Saundra Davis, CSUDH
WHEN Poem by Sarah Rekenthaler, UWP
"I watch him sit there/alone and scared . . . " Poem by Trisha Wright, UWP
Life's a Journey of Learning Poem by Shana Hindman, UWP
Life, What's the Point . . . Poem by Jessie Volden, UWP
Lobotomy, Too Poem by jeanne
Removing the Top Layer Poem by Saundra Davis, CSUDH Backup
my angel, my fire by Robin Davies
I love you . . . by Armond McDaniels, Sr.

Poetry Written for Dear Habermas, Fall 1999

The Gift of Discourse by Susan and Jeanne
Dear World by Nita Metz
What Could I Do? by jeanne
School Daze by Tammy
Sticks and Stones by Thyneshia Harris
Positivism by Rabia Ahmad
Science as the Answer by Rabia Ahmad
My Muddled Brain's Learning by Shana Hindman
Pain of Today by Nita Metz
The truth, the light by Thyneshia Harris
Labeling Theory by Rebecca Wegner
The World Through My Eyes by Martha M. King

Favorite Poems on Dear HabermasThemes

A Policeman Was Killed Today Author unknown.
Submitted by Dan Tredo
A Vanished Friend Author unknown.
Submitted by Sarah Aguilar and Cari Campagna

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