Freeing the Feminine Other
A Collaborative Hypertext Poem Encompassing the Naked Space Exhibit of Spring 2004

By the Students and Friends of CSUDH and UWP 0110@01111000@0000111110101010100@110

The Virgin and the Naked Lady
. . .

Virgin Mary

Mother of God jeanne's fetus icon

. . . 001011100

(****** password protected) @edu

Well, one God, our God, the American God

Virgin and harlot,

Man and Woman

and colored and pale and fast and slow and rough and smooth

. . . . . jeanne's rhino that she called a hippo.  Oh, well.

all in a row

forgiving and equal grow

Till we're scared of being different

AND "A black dog comes calling."

jeanne's abortion hanger: our roots, our history Faith, now

Answerability works

and horizontal style and power

rings true.

You're not wrong, institutional hierarchy

You're just not right, either

Because you forgot to include US.

We're the feminist AND

of horizontal style and power.

Photo backup of Laura Jorgenson, whose Hypertext Poem inspired us.
woman muse enable power

. . . . . . . . . @think.org0110 . . .

. . .

Christopher Cook's wedding flowers
Flowers by Christopher L. Cook

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