Scenes from Vietnam
by Cao Quy Dang
Copyright @2001 by Cao Q. Dang

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"Sometimes the memories we carry are unnecessary. This sort of baggage only makes life heavy. For instance: a title, high position, fame, business, and people to run after us are but a few obstacles that could blind us from seeing our happiness. If we can put away all that baggage, then we would be happy. (Thich, 1993)"

A formal dress that is worn by many Vietnamese girls during High School. The formal white dress that female students wear during their high school years are part of the beauty of the Vietnamese culture.

Karaoke is still the most enjoyable pastime to have fun with family and friends.

Using Cyclo is an inexpensive means to travel around town while enjoying the view.

A beautiful sunset upon the horizon at Bai Dau, Vung Tau.

Here we have our Author / Web Designer, sitting at the tallest building in Vietnam. (Panorama 33), Saigon. And below is what was outside:

Panorama of Saigon from the 32nd Floor of the Saigon Trade Center

. . .

And here's the " Saigon Trade Center (1997) Vietnam's still tallest building at 33 stories, seen from a small side street with the Saigon General Post Office just out of view on the right. From Vietnam Venture Group Photos of Downtown Saigon.

Here we see our author standing next to a statue of Nguyen Trai (A famous Vietnamese Poet), located at an amusement park in Dam Sen (Lotus Lake Park). VietNam

Cao Quy Dang
student here at CSUDH
struggled with language and culture

He fulfilled his dream
and went to Vietnam
and took photos
for his memories

He shared those memories
his Geocities site.

Cao Dang is finishing his graduate degree now.
Time to analyze his memories
Using the newest tools of social understanding
Visual sociology AND ethnology AND psychology AND anthropology AND he has all these photos to work with.

Of, course Cao Dang finished
his courses long ago
he's onto independent study and reading now
so he's missed this new visual trend

While I ponderd about my past upon these photos, I realized that part of me is still back in Vietnam. I know this because when something happens to the place where I was born, I feel the pain or joy within my emotions and the consciousness of my own realities. These photos are only a part of the many beautiful and rich heritage that is still rooted within Vietnam. These photos capture part of my memories and bring me back to a land that I left behind.

A sense of joy and a sense of my roots are rekindled when looking back. I was very happy and felt a sense of great exicitement the first time I stepped onto the ground of a country that I once ran away from in the midst of the destruction of war. The beautiful beaches that stretch along the coast of Vietnam bring some gentle breezes along the tropical land in which culture and tradition are still so rich. Peacefulness is embraced within my realities everytime I look down into the ocean upon the hill of a beach called Vung Tau. Integration of my past and present have put a sense of peace and completion within my whole existence of living.
Cao Quy Dang

Vung Tau Mountain and Bay

Vung Tau and Vung Tau Bay

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