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Background by Rafi.

If Computers Were Real

by Jeanne

If computers were real
They would have ears
And would purr . . . . .

If computers were real
They would chase mice
And not dance to their clicks

If computers were real
They would be much more fun
Not locked up in labs
With dragons for keepers.

Habermas' Hope

by Linda Moritz

Lightbulb of Awareness, by Linda Moritz

The Jeanne Page is read
and Habermas isn't blue
If we asked him a question
what would he do?

He'd offer a discourse
with a thread that ran through
if we listen more closely
we can tell it to you.

He'd answer us briefly
and in good faith
with everyone equal
including students of rathe.

He'd speak of textuality
and validity claims, too
and facticity and norms
and the tension that brews.

We'd listen to all this
with our eyes wide ope
then he'd leave us to ponder
his words filled with Hope.

Hope for the future
Hope in the law
Hope for the students
who listened in awe.


Stalling at the Inn

by a Young Poet on our Site

It's not the inn I'm heading for
the inn is only a rest stop
yet it is so easy to see it as the goal
and stop at that.

I see a link between becoming and travelling,
which is change.
It is like validating where I am at,
and not staying there,
but being willing to move forward
into an unknown.

I wasn't aware that I was stalling.

NOW as a Goldfish

by Jeanne

Portrait of Goldfish Cracking the NOW by Jeanne

NOW is tough.
More than yesterday.
I don't know about tomorrow.

Used to be I knew
what I should do . . .
what mattered.

Feel like a goldfish
in a bowl
swimming nowhere

Not behaving well.
Got to find the other fish.

The Academy Fall

by Jeanne

The arrogant academy clung to the wall
The whole darned academy had a great fall
Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum
What were ya thinkin' of, Mon?

Puffed Up BullFrogs Scaling the Academy Wall and Having a Great Fall

The Little Red Hen

by Jeanne

Little Red Hen Trying to Hold Up Sky without Community

"The sky is falling; the sky is falling"

"No, it's not. I've got it. I've got it."

"Unclear on the concept, isn't she?"

Study for Portraits on Forgiveness: Muslim Prisoner

by Jeanne

Portrait Study by Jeanne inspired by a large group shot of Muslim Prisoners in <i>National Geographic</i>

Jeanne is planning to do a series of portraits, in a variety of media, with the focus of the series on forgiveness and trauma. This is the first study for the series. Students are invited to participate in the creation of the exhibit for the site.

Dear Habermas: Today's a beautiful day. Here's a poem:
by: toushantashi - damisi

Around...ambiance omni, thankfully...
Alma mater rebirth to temporary.
Silence unseen...
...the intense loudness of the cosmos epitomized...
...Struggling against what is
To depict the individual interpretation of the multifaceted perspective.

Wind winding down...things work in cycles.
Solutionís simple.
Intensely deceiving the self...separate from what is most intensely divine.

Are computers real? Do they have ears? I have it on good authority, from a scientist himself, that his computer does have ears and does purr. OK, George, I believe it. Magritte said "Ce n'est pas une pipe." Right under a painting of a pipe. Lyotard suggests that's an important statement of deconstruction: James Palermo, "I'm Not Lying, This Is Not a Pipe": Foucault and Magritte on the Art of Critical Pedagogy." Philosophy of Education 1994, Here's the Palermo article.

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