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Created: March 1, 2002
Latest Update: March 6, 2002

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The Psyches in Cement

Copyright: Jeanne Curran, Dante McGalen, and Susan R. Takata and Individaul Authors, February 2002.
"Fair use" encouraged.

Dante writes again!

Many of you love poetry. Our poetry gallery attests to that. And this is an unfair dialogue. Dante isn't editing two theses. I am. Berthena and Millie will fuss if I stop to write another poem to Dante, especially since the ACJS Conference is this week end. So I wrote just a note; couldn't resist.

Now you take over. Some of Dante's images grab my attention even when I'm trying to resist. It's a dialogue. You all can play. You don't have to answer in poetry. The medium is your choice. Answer in a painting. I've wanted to. But theses projects call. Answer short or answer long. Play with images of theory and learning. Play for grown-up kids. "Dig the music. Sculpt with dreams. Learn . . . "

On Wednesday, March 6, 2002, Dante McGalen wrote:

The Psyches in Cement

“Answers” mother and fill!!!
Unanswered questions smother and kill!
Either way, you dig the music,
and sculpt.

Sculpt with truth
or paint with dreams.
Answers mother and fill.
Just like the fairytales said they will!

“Answers… kill?”
Trite academia's glib non-response…
blindness to a world shut out.
Useless, hopeless, truthless.

"New theories are only accepted when the old professors die."

Blindness, all encompassing,
even so far as their own demise…
to their own obsolescence.

protesting self-righteousness,
they fall, one by one.
Bird by bird.

So we stand in a circle as they're lowered into the hole.
We throw in flowers and try to shed tears.
But the voice from the grave keeps saying…saying
…"I'm right, you are wrong."

And they never knew.

Their turbulent faces contort in protests of optimism,
sculpted in sandy oil on used canvas,
to stay a part of us that we must learn to forget;
tomorrows grave-worms devour the old.

Some are redeemed.

Those who learned life's lessons …who learned "to let the school house stand"
…who learned to see humanity in a field of grass.
Who answered to the name, "Camerado".

"Come away with me, Camerado!"
"Come away with me Camerado,
" …my truths and dreams…

Dante McGalen

the psyche's in cement
cold, stiff
unwarmed by Other psyches

Yes, Camerado,
away from the psyches . . . away to learn