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Critical Theory and Postmodernism

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Critical Theory and Postmodernism

by Jeanne Curran and Susan Takata
Part of the Theory to Policy to Practice Series
Copyright October 1999. "Fair use" encouraged.

This essay was prompted by David M. Rasmussen, ed. The Handbook of Critical Theory, Blackwell Publishers, Ltd. 1996 and 1999. In particular, Part VI: Postmodernism, Critique, and the Pathology of the Social.

Thomas McCarthy's Chapter 15: "Critical Theory and Postmodernism: A Response to David Hoy," (op.cit.p. 340 ff.), responds to David Hoy's critiques of critical theory in Hoy and McCarthy, Critical Theory, Cambridge Mass.: Blackwell, 1994. He responds in terms of traditions we have known.