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Created: December 24, 2000
Latest update: December 24, 2000
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Current Paper Projects

  • The 43rd Annual Western Social Science Association Conference
  • April 18-22, 2001, Reno, Nevada. Accepted Panels.
    These papers will comprise two sections, planned for four papers each. The panel sessions have already been accepted. The abstracts were sent in before December 1, 2000. Now it is time to prepare and work on the presentations of the individual papers. The pre-registration deadline is February 15, 2001. Jeanne and Susan will moderate both panels.

    Planned attendance:

    • Mac and Gale from Wisconsin. Their experience with non-structurally violent learning at Wisconsin.
    • Marlene Boykin. " Transforming the Dominant Discourse of the University for the Senior Adult Student."
    • Bobbi Martin. "Cooperative Curricular Design for Lifetime Learning." Measuring lifetime learning within a framework that encourages continued learning.
    • Jai Tee Speed and Jaime Shepherd. "Providing a Forum in Which to Learn Discourse Skills."
    • Amy Stevenson. "Transforming Educational Discourse to Reach Young Black Males."
    • Tina Juen. "Transforming Educational Discourse to Include the Spritual and Intuitive as Ways of Knowing."
    • Michael Planck. "Identity Strictures in the Unspoken Assumptions behind Dominant Discourse."

    Others, whose planned topics are not yet up on the site need to contact jeanne over the break.

  • Congress 2001, Université Laval
  • Submission Deadline: February 1, 2001

    • Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities. May 23 - 30, 2001.
      "Although the entire Congress spans a period of close to two weeks, our sessions are held over about 4 days, and overlap with other disciplines to which many of us also belong, such as political science and sociology. "Laval is just outside of Quebec City. The cost of participating would be a small membership fee to join the SSS, and the Congress registration fee (I don't have that figure at hand, but it's under CAN$100). There is always inexpensive accommodation in the student residences for those who register early. [of course, for you U.S. readers the entire cost, when translated into American dollars, probably comes to $39.95.]"
    • Challenging Orthodoxies: Teaching from a Left Perspective
      Coordinator: Joanne Naiman, Sociology, Ryerson Polytechnic University,
      350 Victoria Street, Toronto, On M5B 2K3.
      Telephone: 416 979 5000 x7047.

      Given the various ways that the dominant ideology pervades all aspects of society, including educational institutions, it can sometimes bedifficult for educators to open their students' minds to alternative perspectives. The challenge is to offer a left perspective without having students feel they are merely being "brainwashed" or presented with "biased" approaches. This workshop welcomes discussants who wish to share techniques, curriculum, and other innovative approaches they have used to open students' minds to new ways of thinking about the social world.

      Please use the following sequence to submit:

      • Session title
      • Session Coordinator
      • Your own name
      • Your insitutional/organisational affiliation, if applicable
      • Full mailing address
      • Fax
      • Phone
      • E-mail
      • Abstract of your paper (100 maximum words please)
      You are strongly encouraged to submit by email.